Zacro DC265 Review : Automatic and Safe Anti-Bark Training!

By | September 19, 2016

Are you tired with your dog barking excessively to every random thing that he encounters? There are various dog training collars available on the market, but you should put a particular attention to Zacro DC265 if you are specifically depressed by your dog’s extreme barking. Zacro DC265 is a dog training collar that is designed specifically to lower a dog’s barking frequency in a safe, humane, and reliable way – not to mention that it works fully automatically!


Zacro DC265 is armed by smart sensors and a sophisticated chip, all of which work to detect whenever your dog barks. The device senses the vibration from your dog’s throat during barking, and it will deliver corrective shocks automatically until your dog stops for at least thirty seconds. Also, the intensity of the stimulation increases gradually, with seven correction levels available. If the dog is still barking, Zacro DC265 will repeat the stimulation levels. Such mechanism may seem simple, but is highly effective in training your dog!

Another great thing about Zacro DC265 is that it is fully adjustable for any dog size. With the “+” and “-“ buttons, you can change the stimulation level according to your dog size. The included nylon collar is also adjustable in length. In general, Zacro DC265 is compatible with dogs between 15 to 120 pounds. Additionally, the bundle includes a pair of short and a pair of long electrodes, ensuring that the stimulation can reach your dog properly. If your dog is small, you should use the short electrodes, but for a large, fluffy dog, you may require the long electrodes.

Zacro DC265 operates on a battery. Zacro DC265 gives you the utmost convenience, as it can train your dog without needing you to keep an eye on your dog all the time. However, make sure that you don’t set a shock level that is too high for your dog. There is a test light included for testing the device. Also, make sure that the neck of your dog doesn’t have any wound or scar before putting the device on. Even though it works automatically, you should clean both your dog and the collar regularly. (See also: Patpet PTS-018 Review)

Specifications of Zacro DC265
7 adjustable sensitivity levels.
The stimulation repeats through 7 correction levels.
The intensity of stimulation gradually increases until the dog stops barking for thirty seconds.
Effective on a dog between 15-120 pounds.
Adjustable nylon collar.
Size & Weight
Item Size: 3.2-inch x 1.7-inch x 1.7-inch
Item Weight: 0.23 pounds
Package includes:
1 x Adjustable Nylon Collar
1 x No Bark Receiver
2 x Short shock electrodes
2 x Long shock electrodes
1 x Test Light
1 x English Manual

Pros of Zacro DC265
– Works fully automatically!
– Easy to use
– Reliable and safe corrective shock levels
– Compatible with almost any dog size

Price of Zacro DC265
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