Tidy Cats Lightweight Review : All the Strength, Half the Weight, Total Hygiene

By | February 3, 2017

How can we make a comfortable environment for our cat, but at the same time keeping our home clean, hygienic, and fresh? This question has been daunting many cat owners for some time. You don’t want to let your cat go outside, but you can’t just let your cat urinate or defecate at random places. You need to set a specific place to put your cat box where your cat can dispose its stool comfortably. Even so, still, if you use the bad litter, there will be just little difference – not all cat litter products can truly seal and trap the filth and the smell. Count in the inconvenient process of removing the solids. How annoying.

Tidy Cats Lightweight Review All the Strength, Half the Weight, Total Hygiene

What you need is Tidy Cats Lightweight. It is a truly effective, reliable, and convenient cat litter. It has been crafted using smart technologies to deliver the best performance and quality so that you can say goodbye to the inconvenient smell of your old cat litter and welcome a healthier and more hygienic life. Tidy Cats Lightweight can boast over other products because it is not only very effective and convenient to use, but also it comes with more volume than the competitors. No wonder that a lot of cat owners consider Tidy Cats Lightweight as the best cat litter available for the money.

At the heart of Tidy Cats Lightweight is their exclusive bi-component granule design that consists of two parts specifically engineered to absorb odors and liquids powerfully, and also to clump tightly. The odor-fighting agents neutralize odors from both solid and liquid waste for instant, long-lasting freshness. You will never to have to accidentally smell the bad thing anymore. Furthermore, every granule has also been equipped with a sophisticated anti-dust coating that creates a microscopic web structure functioning to trap and seal tiny dust particles. In other words, there won’t be any dust around the cat box, which is usually the case with other cat litter products after being used. This feature is highly imperative in order to ensure maximum hygiene around the environment.


- One (1) 17-Pound pail of Tidy Cats, Clumping, 24/7 Performance, LightWeight Cat Litter - Lightweight 17lb: 17lbs of Tidy Cats LightWeight = 35lbs of Leading Clumping Litter - Continuous Odor Control. - Powerfully Absorbent. - Light, Tight Clumps for Easy Scooping. - 99.9% Dust Free.

In real usage, Tidy Cats Lightweight has proven to be truly effective. It absorbs liquids very well, and it clumps the solids very tightly. Another great feature of Tidy Cats Lightweight is that the granules are very lightweight. Hence, the task of scooping away the solids becomes much more easier. The texture is non-irritating that your cat will find it comfortable to use. Finally, Tidy Cats Lightweight is available in two packaging options, which are plastic jug and plastic pails. Both are resealable and recyclable. Both are also easy to bring upstairs, and both allow easy pouring. The jug is available in 6 lb and 8.5 lb, whereas the pail is available in 12 lb and 17 lb.

Specifications of Tidy Cats Lightweight
6 lb and 8.5 lb plastic jug, resealable and recyclable
12 lb and 17 lb plastic pails, resealable and recyclable
Pour to a depth of 3 – 4 inches.
Remove solids daily.
Maintain the depth of 3 – 4 inches by adding more litter.
Clean the cat box between litter changes using warm water and a mild detergent.
Powerfully Absorbent.
Continuous Odor Control.
Clumps Light and Tight for Easy Scooping.
99.9% Dust- Free.

Pros of Tidy Cats Lightweight
– Lightweight and great clumping performance, ensuring that the filth is sealed and isolated in the place as well as allowing easy scooping
– Sophisticated anti-dust coating that traps dust and other tiny particles for maximum hygiene and cleanliness
– Continuous odor control makes sure that there won’t be any unpleasant smell around the home
– Comfortable for cats
– Contains more volume compared to other competitors

Price of Tidy Cats Lightweight
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