SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter Review: Long-Range Dog Trainer

By | June 23, 2016

Are you looking for a decent and reliable device that can help to assist you in training your dog? Training a dog to behave well is certainly not an easy task. Such job requires a lot of patience and tremendous effort. Thanks to the progression of technology, there are now various training collars available over the market. Even so, SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter surely stands out from the rest. It is one training collar bundle that boasts for being rich in features and having an ultra-wide area coverage. (See also: SportDog TEK 2.0 Vs Garmin Alpha)

SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter Review - Long-Range Dog Trainer

SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter comes complete with the training collar and the transmitter. It has eight levels of stimulation, from low, medium, to high levels, with an option to choose between continuous and momentary stimuli. There are also vibration and tone alerts. Hence, no need to worry about the device being too weak or too strong for your pet. You can adjust the level of the stimulation yourself from the handheld device. You can start from the weaker levels, increasing step by step if your dog fails to be obedient. Again, no need to worry because it has been designed sophisticatedly, safe for dogs above 8 pounds in weight. SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter has 13 modes of operation, featuring one programmable button for a continuous hotkey.

The handheld device is also compact and portable. It is light with a size of a walkie-talkie cellphone, allowing you to easily pocket it and bring it anywhere and anytime. It works with rechargeable batteries and there is a built-in LED indicator for the remaining amount of battery left. SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter’s hardware is waterproof. So, it is usable even under a bad weather. SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter has such a rugged and durable design.

One great thing about SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter is that it has a very broad area coverage, with a range of up to 1-mile. This is a great feature especially for outdoor activities, where your dog can easily run away from you. Another great thing, the handheld device is able to accommodate up to six dogs at once, with a dedicated button for each dog. It is compatible with the SDR-A Add-a-Dog collars. Hence, you can easily expand your pet training system if you have multiple dogs at home.

Specifications of SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter
Transmitter weight: 0.35 lbs
Collar weight with Receiver: 0.3 lbs
Collar length without Receiver: 28″
Collar length with Receiver: 26″
1-mile range
8 levels of low/medium/high stimulation, plus vibration and tone
Transmitter offers 13 modes of operation
Expands to 6 dogs with purchase of additional SDR-A Add-a-Dog collars
Rechargeable batteries
DRYTEK(TM) waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
For dogs 8 pounds or larger

Pros of SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter
– Rugged, durable, and waterproof body
– Wide coverage area
– Rich of features
– Expandable for multiple dogs

Price of SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter
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