SportDOG 425 Review: Teach Your Dog Well

By | March 31, 2016

Electronic collar is now really a thing for training dogs. While teaching your beloved pet about how to behave can be difficult and tricky, we are now helped quite a lot by electronic training collars. One thing to remember, your dog should have a basic understanding about obedience after a training program, if not, then it has been a waste of time. Well, if you are new to the world of dog training, and now you are searching for a good entry-level product to start with, then SportDOG 425 is simply the answer! (See also: SportDOG Brand SD-1825 SportHunter Review)

SportDOG 425 Review - Teach Your Dog Well

Coming with a price tag even lower than US$ 175, you will be delighted to know that SportDOG 425 has been designed thoroughly well. It is armed with a range of features and functions already, with decent controls and options, as well as reasonably durable. It comes with a training manual and a DVD that can tell you about how to do the training ideally. You should begin by reading and watching them if you are still new in this field.

Improving quite some from its predecessor SportDOG 400, SportDOG 425 comes with 100 yards more area coverage, which means, its operation range is up to 500 yards. Such distance should be enough for most outdoor sessions. The signal transmission is good and flawless. You can immediately alert your dog even though you are separated far away.

SportDOG 425 offers you seven modes of operation, also seven levels of low to medium shock stimulation. There are also vibration and tone. With such comprehensive choices, you can control your dog more appropriately, making SportDOG 425 more versatile and suitable for many different needs. Most energetic dogs may need to be shocked in order to be notified about their behavior. However, you may prefer not to shock your dog, especially if he is a weak one. For this circumstance, you can opt for the lowest level of stimulation, or simply use the vibration and tone.

Another great thing about SportDOG 425 is that it is waterproof. It is submersible to 25 feet of depth. Thus, you will not need worry about running under rain or accidentally dropping the handheld device into a pool of water. Furthermore, SportDOG 425 is armed with a long-lasting rechargeable battery that is estimated to last for 40 to 80 hours per charge. You can extend the system to up to three dogs, but you will need to purchase additional collars for that.

Specifications of SportDOG 425
RANGE Up to 500 yards
STIMULATION RANGES 7 instantly selectable static stimulation levels with low/medium stim ranges
Option to train with vibration or tone
EXPANDABLE SYSTEM Expandable up to 3 dogs without loss of vibration/tone features
WATERPROOF DryTek™ waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
DOG SIZE For dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″
BEEPER COMPATIBILITY Compatible with UplandHunter® Accessory Beeper SD-BEEP
REMOTE LAUNCHER COMPATIBILITY Compatible with the Remote Launcher System
BATTERIES Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Charges in 2 hours, lasts 50-70 hours per charge
Remote Transmitter
Receiver on 3/4″ Collar Strap
Charging Adaptor
Long Contact Points
Test Light Tool
Operating Guide
Basic Training Manual & DVD
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Receiver without strap – 2.56″L X 1.54″W X 1.61″D
Remote Transmitter without antenna – 5.30″L X 1.70″W X 1.00″ D

Pros of SportDOG 425
– Relatively low price
– Sufficient, satisfying features
– Waterproof
– Long-lasting battery

Price of SportDOG 425
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