Smart ATO Micro Vs Tunze USA

By | September 21, 2016

An automatic top off (ATO) system is a great accessory to be equipped to any aquarium. An ATO system works to automatically refill your aquarium, replacing the water that has evaporated. An ATO system brings a good deal of convenience, as you don’t need to manually lift water bucket yourself anymore. Furthermore, it is also useful for maintaining an ideal salinity level in the tank, as water evaporation may cause the salinity level to be higher. For now, Smart ATO Micro and Tunze USA are two ATO systems that are the most popular on the market. They are available at almost similar prices, too. So, which one should you get for your aquarium? Let’s take a look on each model!


Smart ATO Micro
Smart ATO Micro, as hinted by its name, comes in a very small body. One of the reasons of why a lot of people love this product is, of course, the ultra-compact construction. With a body design that is equivalent to the size of a one-cent coin, Smart ATO Micro can be easily mounted in any way you wish in your aquarium without taking any considerable space. Furthermore, it has no moving parts, making it more reliable, more durable, and more resistant to failure – no need to worry about stuck float switches! Smart ATO Micro also has an integrated magnetic mount and can be mounted on most clear, tinted, or painted surfaces, with a maximum wall thickness of ½ inches. It is extremely easy to set-up and use.

Tunze USA
On the other hand, Tunze USA is an ATO system that is favored because of the reliable safety feature. It has an adjustable safety timer that can automatically shut-off the system after 1.8 or 3 minutes, as set by the user, ensuring that the system will never cause any flooding. This is a great feature, as some other ATO systems on the market have the issue of producing too much flow that they may sometimes cause flooding. Furthermore, Tunze USA is also very easy and simple to install. However, it is indeed quite bulkier than Smart ATO Micro; hence, it may take a good chunk of space in a small aquarium.

Smart ATO Micro Vs Tunze USA

Smart ATO MicroTunze USA
BrandSmart ATO MicroTunze USA
Features- Max wall thickness: 1/2 inch (12.7mm) - Mounts to Most Clear, Tinted or Painted Surfaces - Everything you need is included - No moving parts that can fail - Safely keep water & salinity levels (in Marine Aquariums) stable- Simple, complete, Auto Top Off System - Designed for tanks up to 55gals - Safety timer shuts off system after 1.8 or 3 minutes as set by user - For Best Performance refer User Manual & Follow Instructions

Ratings*4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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As we have seen, each model actually has each own virtues. In general, Tunze USA is the best way to go because of the excellent safety timer feature. However, if you have limited space available in the tank, Smart ATO Micro can be a viable alternative.

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