PetSafe Wireless Fence Review : An Easy and Convenient Way to Protect Pet

By | February 1, 2017

You want to let your pet run freely and safely around your yard, but you can’t set up a real fence because of the strict neighborhood regulations? Or are you simply looking for a more practical and more affordable approach? What do you think about using a wireless portable fence? If you don’t want to install an unsightly metal or wooden fence around your yard, you can consider using a wireless portable fence instead, like the one of PetSafe Wireless Fence. Compared to the cost that a typical fence requires, a wireless fence like PetSafe Wireless Fence can be much more affordable and budget-friendlier. In addition, it is also very easy, simple, and quick to set up. As if these advantages aren’t enough already, PetSafe Wireless Fence also allows you to bring it along in your trips easily, making it a perfect choice for camping with your dog or cat. So convenient!

PetSafe Wireless Fence Review An Easy and Convenient Way to Protect Pet

So, how does PetSafe Wireless Fence actually work? The system basically consists of two main parts, which are the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter acts as the device that determines the total area for your pet. On the transmitter, there is a knob that you can turn to adjust just how wide you want the boundary to be. After the boundary is set, the transmitter will then send radio signals to the receiver, which is supposed to be attached to your pet’s collar. The receiver will send a warning tone or vibration if your pet approaches the boundary. If your pet still continues towards the outside of the boundary, the receiver will deliver a safe yet surprising static correction in order to remind the pet to stay within the yard. Don’t worry; the shock is safe and will not hurt your pet. But the shock should be effective to prevent your pet from leaving the safe area into the risky and dangerous road.

The bundle also includes 50 boundary training flags, which you can use to mark the boundary of your yard. With these flags, you can train your pet not to leave pass the permitted area. To give you a better idea, there is a guide included for operation and training with the system. As you can see, the wireless fence system is very easy to set up and adjust. The transmitter is compact and portable, meaning that you can easily bring the system on the go. If you love camping and you want to bring your pet along, you can use PetSafe Wireless Fence to make sure that your pet will not leave and get lost in the wilderness.


- Complete pif-300 system and 2 free packs of rfa-67d-aa batteries - Covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre (180-feet in diameter). - Completely wireless-portable - Adjustable levels of correction- plus tone only mode - Covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre (180-feet in diameter)

The performance of the system is truly effective. A lot of users have given the product great positive reviews and ratings, and they are all satisfied by how PetSafe Wireless Fence can keep their pets safe without actually causing them any real harm. However, experts recommend you to clean your pet’s neck, collar, and contact points regularly in order to prevent buildup.

Specifications of PetSafe Wireless Fence
What’s in the Box
Receiver collar & battery: the signal warns your pet where the boundaries are.
Transmitter & adapter: plug it in and it sends the radio signal to your pet’s collar.
Operation and training guide.
50 boundary training flags.
Mounting bracket.
Gel-filled capsules.
Wire nuts.
Test light tool, which is for testing the system and the collar.
Note: Some systems will come with additional parts, such as a charger, a surge protector, short and long contact points, etc.

Pros of PetSafe Wireless Fence
– Very easy, simple, and quick to set up
– Easily detachable and portable, great for going camping
– Much more affordable and budget-friendlier than a traditional fence
– Suitable for different kinds of pets
– Includes boundary flags for training

Price of PetSafe Wireless Fence
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