Pet Gear Ultra-Lite Review : Stroll with Your Pet

By | February 2, 2016

If you want to walk around the park with your kitty or your puppy, but unable to do so because of their health issue or your pet is too young or too old already to be able to handle the long trip, then Pet Gear Ultra-Lite is just simply perfect. It is a stroller especially made to accommodate your beloved pet while you go on a run. Put them inside and zip – they can still enjoy the fresh air and the scenery without getting tired. See also: PetZip Pet Happy Trailer Stroller Review.

Pet Gear Ultra-Lite Review

Pet Gear Ultra-Lite Review
Pet Gear Ultra-Lite is designed to be durable with sturdy steel frame, yet extremely lightweight. The product’s weight is barely 14 lbs. Given that it is equipped with swivel wheels, it is very easy to be handled. Turning and maneuvering are entirely without a hitch. There are also rear brakes exist to ensure that you have the maximum control over it. Jogging with Pet Gear Ultra-Lite is nothing but smooth and joyful!

The inside is very comfortable as well, so no need to worry about your pet not getting enough air or something like that. The air circulation is surprisingly wonderful, thanks to the breathable design of the mesh. The nylon fabric is water resistant so that your pet will not get wet if suddenly the day gets rainy. The mesh panels are bug-proof, too. No stupid fly nor insect can get in to disturb the pleasure. It has front shock absorbers to muffle the impacts from bad roads, and there is a safety tether to keep your pet on the right spot.

However, Pet Gear Ultra-Lite is most probably only perfect for small sized animals. Its maximum capacity is 20 lbs. If you have a cat, the limitation is not precisely a big deal because usually a cat can fit easily inside. But, a dog has a bigger body, and sometimes a dog under 20 lbs can hardly fit inside already. Take a look at the product specifications and see the interior dimensions to make sure that it can accommodate your pet nicely.

Product Specifications
Stroller height to handle: 38”
Interior Dimensions: 22” L x 11” W x 16” H
Overall Dimensions: 38” L x 11” W x 21” H
Tires: Hard Rubber
Maximum Pet Weight: 20 lbs.
Product Weight: 14 lbs

The Pros
– Very lightweight and easy to maneuver
– Durable, waterproof, and bug-proof
– Comfortable interior design
– Fashionable appearance

The Price
Check the best price of Pet Gear Ultra-Lite here!

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