PestZilla Review : Get Rid of Pest Problems!

By | September 24, 2016

Are you tired of your pest issues? Having to deal with the mess caused by raccoons, mice and squirrels is indeed frustrating. These animals make the life in your home so inconvenient. However, thankfully, we now have PestZilla! Available at a price level that doesn’t break any bank, PestZilla is a powerful electronic pest repeller that works fully automatically. It is the ultimate convenient solution to any pest issue!


PestZilla is very easy to install and use. You just need to place it on an ideal place and plug it into a power outlet. There are two operating modes that you can select. In the first mode, it is motion activated. Using an infrared motion sensor, PestZilla will only activate when detecting any motion in front of it. In the second mode, it runs continuously.

So, how does PestZilla work? It eliminates your pest problems effectively by blasting aggressive ultrasonic/sonic waves and light beams in order to scare away a wide variety of animals, from raccoons to cats, from birds to bears. This way, PestZilla also becomes a safe and humane solution if you are against animal cruelty. It doesn’t kill. There is no trap or pesticide that may hurt the animal. Yet, it keeps them away. This way as well, there is no dead animal for you to pick up, which is a disturbing task. Fair enough, isn’t?

PestZilla has been designed to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is made weatherproof, so there is no need to worry about it operating under rain. The maximum coverage area is up to 5,000 sq ft. The motion sensor, however, only has a coverage area of 800 sq ft. It also comes with an optional aluminum stake if you need to stick it to the ground. Hence, PestZilla is great for attics, basements, garages, patios, yards, gardens, and farms.

Specifications of PestZilla
1. GET RID OF PEST PROBLEMS – Eliminate pest problems with this aggressive ultrasonic/sonic flashing light animal repeller. Select your mode of ultrasonic, sonic and strobe flashing.
2. HOW IT WORKS – It blasts a range of powerful ultrasonic sound, audible sound, and flashing LED strobe lights, scaring away a wide variety of pests. Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, the pest repeller has an optional mode of activating, which is only when it senses motion, or it can run continuously.
3. EASY TO USE – Simply take it out of the box, plug it into a power source and select your desired mode. The adapter is included. It can also be operated with a 9-Volt battery (battery is not included). Package includes an aluminum stake for optional sticking into the ground.
4. SAFE & HUMANE SOLUTION – There is no dead animals or animals to remove, no trap setting, no pesticides. PestZilla™ Repeller gets rid of all animal or pests through emitting a mixture of ultrasonic, sonic and powerful flashing LED strobe lights, frightening pests and animals to leave the area.
5. WEATHERPROOF & WATER-RESISTANT – Perfect for basements, patios, garages, attics, yards, boats, porches, gardens, ponds, farms, etc.
COVERAGE AREA: Up to 5000 square feet (PIR Motion Sensor: Up to 800 square feet)
Upgraded with enhanced parts for optimal performance.

Pros of PestZilla
– Relatively affordable and budget-friendly
– Works automatically, with two modes available
– Safe and humane
– Rugged and durable, weatherproof construction

Price of PestZilla
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