Patpet PTS-018 Review: Sophisticated Two-Dog Training System

By | August 10, 2016

Are you looking for a dog training collar that doesn’t break the bank, but is durable and long-lasting? Patpet PTS-018 is the answer! Available at such an affordable price, it offers a number of great features, masking it an excellent value for the money! Even more, it can be expanded into a sophisticated two-dog training system!

Patpet PTS-018 Review - Sophisticated Two-Dog Training System

You can get Patpet PTS-018 along with one or two collars, as needed. The transmitter is smartly designed, having a textured grip surface which ensures that the device will not slip off from your hand. The display screen is pretty wide for easy reading, displaying the currently active collar, the active mode, and the shock/vibration level. Also, the blue screen is backlit, ensuring that you can read it even in a dark, low-light environment. It doesn’t overwhelm you with complicated buttons – there are only color-coded buttons for vibration, tone, and shock modes, a button for switching between collar 1 and collar 2, and a pair of plus-minus buttons for adjusting the intensity level. Using it is very easy and straight-forward.

The system is also very sophisticated. It can automatically stop shock and vibration for 5 seconds after continuous stimulation for 10 seconds, ensuring that you don’t accidentally punish your dog excessively. The collar is made of high-quality TPU belt with surgical-grade stainless steel contact points, making it clean, odor-fighting, and very durable. Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof. You don’t need to worry about the devices even though the weather is getting wet!

At the contrast to some other training systems that feature a huge bunch of intensity levels, Patpet PTS-018 offers a simplified system with 16 levels of shock and vibration, tailored in accordance with different responses from dogs. Well, in fact, choosing between 16 levels is much easier and straight-forward than scrambling through 100 levels. However, keep in mind that Patpet PTS-018 has a maximum range of only 450 yards, or 411 meters. It should be sufficient for some outdoor training, though.

Specifications of Patpet PTS-018
1. Rechargeable transmitter and receiver.
2. Water proof receiver.
3. Separate Color-coded Mode Buttons for Vibration,Tone and Shock with Skin-friendly Silicone Material.
4. User-friendly big LCD display.Blue backlight to ensure usage under low visibility.
5. Easy and effective 16 levels of shock and vibration. intensity levels of Shock/Vibration in accordance with different responses from dogs.
6. Made with surgical stainless steel contact points, for a clean, odor fighting, long lasting product.
7. Battery indicator to check power supply anytime.LED lights on collar flash to indicate low battery.
8. 450yd remote control range.
9. Audible tone gently customized according to dog hearing system.
10.Train up to two dogs with one transmitter.
11.Perfect manual:Operating Guide,Training Guide,Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting.

Pros of Patpet PTS-018
– Rechargeable batteries
– Waterproof collars and transmitter
– Rugged, durable, and long-lasting surgical-grade stainless steel material
– Expandable to two dogs
– Affordable and budget-friendly price

Price of Patpet PTS-018
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