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By | January 21, 2016

Parvo is the way people often call the disease on dogs caused by Canine parvovirus. It can be cured, and, quite fortunately, does not affect human, but mortality reaches 91% in untreated cases. As lethal as that sounded, the virus strikes dividing cells in a dog’s body especially on the intestinal tract. Thus, it is extremely dangerous on puppies, but also entirely not to be ignored at all cost on matures. It is super contagious and may be transmitted by any object that contacted the feces of another infected dog. You also need to know that the virus has an extraordinary endurance, able to live in any environment for months. The symptoms of infection include lethargy, severe vomiting, loss of appetite, life-threatening dehydration, also bloody and smelly diarrhea.

Parvaid Reviews

Parvaid Reviews
What an entirely heart-breaking thing, seeing our beloved pet suffers from parvo – or any disease. Thankfully, we can get Parvaid to assist them overcoming the torture! The product is supposedly not the primary neither sole medication for the dog. It should be consumed together with an antibiotic or other particular drug aimed to kill the virus and cure the infection. But, do not give it if your dog is on Baytril or Tamaflu. In any case, consult a professional veterinarian for the best drugs. Give Parvaid in parallel. It will help your dog by a lot in getting back into health.

And why does Parvaid have so many 5/5 reviews, then? One of the primary reasons for why combating parvo can be tough is because the virus ravages the digestive system, so your dog loses their wish to consume anything. Without proper nutritions and water, the chance of recovery drops so low. Parvaid aims to heal the digestive system by soothing, lubricating, and protecting the internal mucous membranes. You need to give the product to your puppy every hour with the right dose (please read the directions of usage on the package to be safe). The positive effect can be seen within hours; your pet will be able to eat and drink quite soon. Since hospitalization is pretty expensive nowadays, if you can’t really afford to do so, Parvaid is your best bet. Parvaid has saved so many dogs from parvo.

The Pros
– Very useful in treating the internal digestive system and getting the dog back into shape
– Quick effects
– Has many positive reviews from the users
– The whole work is a lot cheaper than hospitalization – not to substitute, but can be your best alternative if you are limited on budget

The Price
Check the best price of Parvaid here!

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