Nutro Vs Blue Buffalo

By | March 19, 2018

Nutro vs Blue Buffalo dog foods are available in a similar price range. Apparently, both dog foods offer balanced nutritional values suitable for active dogs. However, do they have truly good quality? In the following article, we will see the comparisons of Nutro and Blue Buffalo dog foods to see which one is the best product for your dog.

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Nutritional Values
First of all, let us take a look at the nutritional values that are listed for each of the two dog foods. The AAFCO requires all pet food labels to include their guaranteed nutrient values. The information should include the minimum levels of crude protein and crude fat as well as the maximum levels of crude fiber and water. The four nutrients are generally the most important for dogs, although vitamins and minerals are certainly also needed.

Interestingly, the listed nutritional values of the two dog foods are quite similar, with a very slight advantage to Blue Buffalo. They are very close to each other, and the differences are not very significant. They both provide healthy balanced nutrition. See also: NutriSource vs Blue Buffalo.

The dry dog food of Nutro comes with about 27.5% protein, 15.4% fat, and 4.6% fiber, whereas Blue Buffalo comes with 28.6% protein, 14.9% fat, and 7.0% fiber. As you can see, the protein and fiber levels of Blue Buffalo are slightly higher.

A similar thing happens with their wet dog foods. Nutro comes with 40.1% protein, 23.0% fat, and 5.6% fiber. Blue Buffalo comes with 40.1% protein, 25.2% fat, and 7.6% fiber. The fat and fiber levels are higher on Blue Buffalo. You can find the available formulas of Blue Buffalo here!

Ingredient Quality
Many people believe that the quality of a dog food is reflected by the ingredient list. A good quality dog food should contain good nutrition sources instead of just fillers. It should also be free from artificial ingredients. Note that the ingredient list is written in an order, from the highest amount to the lowest amount.

Nutro may seem good because the first ingredient is chicken. It also uses ground rice. However, the third ingredient is corn gluten meal, which is a low-quality filler with little nutrition for a dog. The next ingredients are wheat flour, rice bran, and chicken meal.

On the other hand, the first ingredients of Blue Buffalo include deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, potatoes, and tomato pomace. These are good ingredients. Some people don’t like the tomato pomace because it is also considered as a filler, but at least it is just the sixth ingredient rather than the third. It also provides some vitamins.

Nutro Vs Blue Buffalo

NutroBlue Buffalo
BrandNutroBlue Buffalo
Features- NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS (1) 30-lb. bag of Large Breed Adult Pasture-Fed Lamb & Rice Recipe Dog Food; rich in nutrients and full of flavor; simple, purposeful, trustworthy; Rich in Nutrients and Full of Flavor; formulated to support healthy joints- 30lb Bag - Delicious, protein-rich, Deboned Lamb - Wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and fruit - No chicken (or poultry) by-product meals - No corn, wheat or soy - No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives - A precise blend of Calcium with Phosphorus and essential vitamins helps promote strong bones and teeth

Ratings*4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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Of these two dog foods, Blue Buffalo is more recommended. The reasons are quite simple. First, the nutritional values are slightly higher. Second, the ingredient quality is a little better, as it doesn’t use too much filler.

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