Novartis Capstar Reviews: Oral Fast-Acting Flea Treatment

By | May 25, 2016

Facing a flea issue on our pet is not only annoying, but sometimes also intimidating. More often than not, we can hardly find the effective treatment that can completely solve our pet’s problem. And not only fleas cause discomfort to our beloved dog or cat, but they can also cause further health issues, like dermatitis or even wound infection if your pet scratches a lot. Thus, if your pet starts to develop flea issue, you must take an immediate action! One of the best measures is a two-way approach; one treatment for killing the fleas as fast as possible, and one treatment for preventing possible future infestation. Novartis Capstar is a flea control tablet designed to be the first measure, acting as a fast-acting oral flea treatment for your dog or cat.

Novartis Capstar Reviews - Oral Fast-Acting Flea Treatment

Novartis Capstar is available in two variants: for cats and small dogs under 25 lbs and for large dogs above 25 lbs. Of course, the first variant has a lower dose of active ingredient, while the second variant comes with a higher dose. The active ingredient is nitenpyram, a chemical substance that is able to bind and inhibit the insect’s specific receptors. It interferes into the insect’s nerve transmission and causes the death of the insect. With such approach, Novartis Capstar has been proven effective to kill fleas quickly. It starts to deliver effects 30 minutes after administration, and usually shows noticeable results only within 4 hours for dogs, 6 hours for cats. A single dose is enough for a day.

Each of Novartis Capstar variants is available in two packaging, a 6-count packaging and a 60-count packaging. As you only give one tablet per day to your pet, the first package can last 6 days, while the second package is for 60 days or 2 months – usually, you don’t need to give treatments that long, though. You don’t need to worry about side effects because Novartis Capstar has been certified by the FDA as a safe medication for dogs and cats above 4 weeks of age and 2 pounds of weight. No side effect, as the active ingredient only affects insects. It is safe to your pet while delivering excellent results against fleas.

However, don’t forget that Novartis Capstar is not a month-lasting treatment. A single dose works for only 24 hours. So, for the best protection, you may need to apply additional preventive flea treatment to your pet.

Novartis Capstar Product Information
There are two formulations available:
Capstar for cats and small dogs 2 – 25 lbs (11.4mg nitenpyram)
Capstar for large dogs over 25 lbs (57mg nitenpyram)
Each formulation is available in 6-count and 60-count packaging
Capstar rapidly kills adult fleas on dogs and cats.
Capstar also treats flea allergy dermatitis in dogs and cats.
Capstar has a rapid, prolonged action – killing fleas 30 minutes after administration, and for 24 hours after that.
Treatment can begin on any day when fleas are seen on the animal, and repeated on any subsequent day fleas are seen.

Pros of Novartis Capstar
– Very fast action; it delivers positive effects only within a few hours after the initial consumption
– Effective for killing adult fleas
– Safe to be eaten by your dog or cat

Cons of Novartis Capstar
It is not a long-lasting preventive treatment. The effect will not last for a month, and once the effect is gone, your pet is once again prone to flea infestation. It is best used as an immediate medication, with another treatment that works as a preventive measure for future flea issues.

Price of Novartis Capstar
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