Muscle Bully Vs Bully Max

By | February 8, 2017

Apparently, you really love your dog and you want him to be healthy not only on the inside but also on the outside. You want him to appear stocky and muscular, so that any threat that may approach you and your dog will cancel their intention and slowly back away. If so, the most important things to do is that you have to give your dog sufficient nutrients so that he can grow well. You also need to regularly walk him as some muscle-building exercise.

Muscle Bully Vs Bully Max

However, you can also further support your dog’s growth using a weight gainer supplement. Such supplements are actually quite popular on the market, and many dog owners have praised some products as effective for improving their skinny dogs to be sturdy and strong. Muscle Bully and Bully Max are such popular products. Both products are well-known and well-received by the market. Nevertheless, Muscle Bully is usually a little bit more expensive than Bully Max. So, which is the one that you should choose?

What the Products Do
Both products claim to be the ultimate canine supplements that can help your dog get more nutrients for his growth and health, primarily for gaining weight and building muscles. Bully Max is a supplement that aims to increase the muscle, strength, power, and speed of your dog. It also claims to be able to raise the health and immunity of your dog. It improves the oxygen delivery and metabolism rate so that the dog will have more energy, which then will allow him to train more to build the muscles. It also contains nutrients to enhance your dog’s vision, strengthen the bones, and reduce stress. As you can see, the benefits of Bully Max are kind of scattered around instead of being focused on a specific aim. This is different with Muscle Bully, which boasts the focused functions of building muscles and enhancing muscle recovery. Muscle Bully works by improving the protein intake of your dog. The product is said to be great for hard keepers, useful for maintaining or increasing the dog’s size.

The Ingredients
Bully Max says to be free of any trans-fat, sucrose, and corn syrup, making it safe for most dogs. However, it does contain fillers. If we look closely at the ingredients list, we can see some ingredients like maltodextrins and dried whey that are not very beneficial for dogs. Fillers are used only to increase the size of the supplement so that it can be chewable, without real effects to the primary purpose of the supplement itself. On the other hand, Muscle Bully contains various vitamins and minerals, with chicken liver hydrolysate as the number one ingredient. Muscle Bully contains a good amount of proteins essential for your dog’s health and muscles.

Muscle Bully Vs Bully Max

Muscle BullyBully Max
BrandMuscle BullyBully Max
Features- Pack ON Healthy Mass With Essential Nutrients! - Maximize Protein Intake To Build More Muscle. - Contains Nutritional Fats to Support Skin and Shiny Coats.- Increase Strength, Muscle, Power & Speed - Build Muscle - Speed Recovery - Raise Health & Immunity - Trans Fat, Sucrose, Corn Syrup Free!

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Muscle Bully should be the way to go. Bully Max is a good product nonetheless, but Muscle Bully has a more focused aim of maintaining and improving your dog’s size and muscles. It is rich in proteins, the essential nutrients for dogs.

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