Maxspect XF-150 Review: Superb Pumping Power!

By | June 29, 2016

Aren’t you tired of those aquarium pumps that just… don’t pump? Hey, you are not alone. Traditionally, flow pumps for aquariums that look like bulky CCTV cams are pointing here and there, but still aren’t powerful enough to reach the farthest edges of the marine tanks. Maxspect, however, has come with a new solution for your need of a flow pump that is actually reliable. Here, take a look at Maxspect XF-150, boasting new technology and superb pumping power!

Maxspect XF-150 Review - Superb Pumping Power!

No, it is not just a big spray bar with a pump within. Maxspect XF-150 is a completely creative and innovative product rich of features and settings that you would have to get multiple different other pumps if you want to replicate it. Unlike traditional flow pumps, you don’t need to point it to any direction. It is very simple to use yet very reliable to eliminate any dead spot in the tank. Even the most static tank will turn into a snow globe once Maxspect XF-150 works there and lifting all the accumulated debris, allowing your filtration system to take care of them all. Instead of using a center-pointed spinning impeller, Maxspect XF-150 has the motor placed between two long centrifugal fans jutting out both sides. These powerful fans can work either forward or backward, and either continuously or pulsing in order to create a laminar or turbulent flow. All you have to do it to place Maxspect XF-150 on one good wall – it has a magnet mount that is suitable for a wall up to 15mm in thickness, but there is a separately sold reinforcement magnet in case that your tank has a thicker wall. Maxspect XF-150 produces some buzz when working, but is not particularly loud, so there is no need to worry.

Maxspect XF-150 is ultimately powerful yet also very flexible and versatile in usage. With a maximum flow rate of 5,000 GPH, it is even able to make a 200cm-long coral set-up keep flowing well. But Maxspect XF-150 also comes with various settings, allowing you to adjust the power to a more appropriate level so that you don’t actually put your marine pet in a never-ending marathon against the water current. The lowest setting available is 5,500 LPH (about 1.453 GPH), so Maxspect XF-150 is indeed compatible with virtually any aquarium size. You can also reverse the way of the flow, and there is a configuration to make the fans work in the same direction or in opposition. There is also an adjustable pulsing mode for generating waves, and it is impressive for the purpose as well. You can set the interval between 0.4 seconds and up to 30 seconds. Keep in mind not to make it too strong in a high-level tank as the water may slosh over the edges.

Specifications of Maxspect XF-150
– Power Supply – 115-230V, 50/60Hz
– For Aquariums 50 – 800+ Gallons
– Maximum Flow Rate – 5000GPH
– Pump Dimensions – 11.8″ x 2.9″ x 2.4″
– Maximum glass/acrylic thickness – 3/4″

Pros of Maxspect XF-150
– Very powerful for reaching every spot and area of the aquarium
– Controllable and adjustable
– Ease of placement thanks to the magnet mount
– Rugged and durable construction

Price of Maxspect XF-150
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