Marineland PC-ML360 Review: For Enthusiast Aquarists

By | June 22, 2016

Are you a dedicated aquarist who enjoy managing, controlling, and taking care of your aquarium and aquatic pets? Now, perhaps you are in a search for the best canister filter for your aquarium. It should be able to keep the cleanliness and the healthiness of your tank. It should be rugged, durable, and reliable for a long time. It should have a decent and consistent performance. Well, you should take a look at Marineland PC-ML360! A model from Marineland’s C-Series Canister Filter, Marineland PC-ML360 boasts all of those traits. Marineland PC-ML360 is a great choice for you, enthusiast aquarists.

Marineland PC-ML360 Review - For Enthusiast Aquarists

Marineland PC-ML360 is a canister filter designed for an aquarium tank from medium to large, recommended for up to 100 Gallons in size. It is supported by its ability to provide a decent flow rate of 360 GPH. It weighs 23 lbs when empty, but can reach around 45 lbs when loaded with media and water, so it is not exactly something that you would like to move around. It is best placed at a fixed position close to your aquarium, as the hose is recommended to be as straight as possible to minimize micro-bubbles. Nevertheless, you should read the manuals and instructions before setting it up because there are particular important details that you should acknowledge. You will need a wrench to really tighten the hoses, and you also need to make sure that the media baskets are placed well with the rubber gaskets. Shortly, Marineland PC-ML360 is not something that is ready to serve right out of the box, but you should have not so much of a problem.

Marineland PC-ML360 is a canister filter featuring a three-stage filtration system. It does very well in performing physical, chemical, and biological filtrations as long as it is configured properly. Marineland PC-ML360 claims to have a virtually no bypass through the media trays, ensuring that all of the water are filtered well and thoroughly. It is also quite silent when working. The designs and constructions are sophisticatedly done. Marineland PC-ML360 is rugged and durable and certainly will not break any soon.

Specifications of Marineland PC-ML360
Product C-360
Certified Flow Rate 360 GPH
Aquarium Size up to 100 Gallons
Rite Size Media T
3-Stage Filtration Advantage

Pros of Marineland PC-ML360
– Certified flow rate of 360 GPH
– Decent performance for a medium to large tank up to 100 Gallons in size
– Complete filtration with three stages
– Reliable design and construction

Cons of Marineland PC-ML360
It requires some comprehensive manual setup and adjustment, so it is not exactly ready to use right out of the box.

Price of Marineland PC-ML360
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