Marineland Double Bright LED Review: Cost-Efficient, Ultra-Bright

By | June 28, 2016

Searching for the most ideal aquarium light on the market is indeed a very difficult and daunting task. The problem is, more often than not, each aquarium has each own distinctive characteristics, so a light bulb that works on one aquarium may not be as satisfying on another aquarium. Furthermore, many aquarium lights are way too pricey, especially in the long run as they consume quite a lot of power and require a lot of maintenance. Nonetheless, you can put yourself at ease now because Marineland has come with a great solution: Marineland Double Bright LED.

Marineland Double Bright LED Review - Cost-Efficient, Ultra-Bright

Marineland Double Bright LED is an aquarium light that boasts excellent lighting power and shimmer, flexibility, and most importantly efficient operating cost. Marineland Double Bright LED comes in four different sizes (18”-24”, 24”-36”, 36”-48”, 48”-60”), each has each own number of 1-Watt LEDs. The LEDs are always lined in three rows, with the outer rows emanating white light while the inner row shines blue. The brightness levels are great and satisfying, appropriate for the sizes. Marineland Double Bright LED is not only able to shine very brightly, but also to spread the light well and evenly and penetrate deep into the bottom of the water. Hence, you can be certain that all the members of your aquarium can receive the light. The light is also realistic, mimicking the characteristics of natural sunlight, and is even strong enough to help some low-light aquatic plants to flower!

Marineland Double Bright LED comes with daylight and lunar settings. It has a lifetime of about 17,000 hours, which is certainly pretty long. Furthermore, the best thing about Marineland Double Bright LED is that it is very cost-efficient. It consumes relatively much lower energy than other aquarium lights in order to deliver similar levels of brightness. Marineland Double Bright LED is also virtually maintenance-free, as it does not need any bulb replacement. The LED light bulbs are also protected by Polycarbonate lens. Thus, you can have the best convenience and actually save quite some bucks in the long run. Marineland Double Bright LED comes with adjustable support legs, making it very flexible and compatible with various aquarium sizes!

Specifications of Marineland Double Bright LED
Daylight and lunar settings.
Slim, stylized lighting profile.
17,000 hours of lifetime.
Mimics underwater “shimmer” effect of natural sunlight.
Energy efficient system that doesn’t need any bulb replacement.
Powered by 1-Watt LEDs that provide similar output compared to twin tube fluorescent bulb lighting.
Precisely designed Polycarbonate lens to focus and to protect LED light bulbs.
Adjustable support legs to fit varying aquarium lengths

Pros of Marineland Double Bright LED
– Very cost efficient in the long run
– Excellent lighting and shimmer
– Virtually maintenance-free
– Available in various sizes and compatible with multiple aquarium sizes

Price of Marineland Double Bright LED
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