Kessil A360WE Review: Even Stronger MH-Like Shimmer

By | July 1, 2016

Some time ago, we ever discussed about Kessil A160WE, a small, compact aquarium light that boasts an excellent shimmer. In the following article, however, we are going to review the older sibling of the model, which is Kessil A360WE. Just like the sibling, Kessil A360WE also comes with an excellent shimmer comparable to those pricey, bulky Metal Halides. However, Kessil A360WE boasts an even stronger power, making it a great choice for larger tanks!

Kessil A360WE Review - Superb MH-Like Shimmer

Only a thud bigger than Kessil A160WE, Kessil A360WE also possesses such a sleek and compact body design. Measuring barely 4” in diameter and 3.6” in length, its can-like construction can be easily inserted and put in any aquarium. It is also quite lightweight. Coming with decent mounting equipment, you can install it easily and properly without needing to worry about it slipping or falling. For example, there are a gooseneck mount and a 90-degree adapter for clamping the light to your tank. There also removable brackets with a hanging bolt if you would like to suspend the light. Have you read Kessil A160WE review?

Kessil A360WE is basically an upgrade from the older Kessil A360W. The newer Kessil A360WE comes with new LED diodes that are more efficient in converting energy, allowing for an increased light output intensity of up to 15%. Unlike most LED fixtures that require you to lower the output level of some channels in order to achieve the desired color, Kessil A360WE features the Kessil Logic technology that makes it possible for you to maximize the output of the LED fixture at any chosen color. You simply punch in your color preference, then you set the desired intensity. The Kessil Logic technology will automatically configure the LED fixture for the most optimum performance! Kessil A360WE also has built-in control ports that you can use to connect a controller module for programming the light. Hence, several Kessil A360WE lights can be linked and controlled easily by a single controller.

Being a single-point source of light, Kessil A360WE makes a very great shimmering effect. Its brightness power is even equal to, if not better than, those pricey Metal Halides! Kessil A360WE performs astonishingly even in a mixed reef 30”x30” tank. If high intensity is needed, Kessil A360WE works well in tanks up to 24”x24”. However, being a single-beam light, there can be some shadowing effect, though this is not a big issue because the shadows simply make the light more natural and realistic.

Pros of Kessil A360WE
– Superb lighting and shimmer
– Solid and compact construction
– Excellent adjustablity and controlability
– Relatively cost-efficient, especially in the long run

Price of Kessil A360WE
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