Kessil A160WE Review: Excellent Shimmer

By | April 10, 2016

When we talk about LED spotlights for aquariums, we are simply talking about Kessil and everybody else. While other manufacturers only focus on making more and more tablet-shaped lights with variegated colors and intensities and a ridiculously long list of features, Kessil decided to perfect their LED spotlight design. This is very evident in Kessil A160WE. With such a compact design, it can manage to surprise us with its excellent shimmer.

Kessil A160WE Review - Excellent Shimmer

There is no exaggeration at all when Kessil claims that Kessil A160WE is capable of producing a spectacular glitter that is comparable to MH, Metal Halide lights, the types of lights that are typically way more expensive, yet providing an exceptional brightness effect. Kessil A160WE is the essence of all innovations that Kessil has made in their other products, creating such a small LED spotlight that is truly bright, controllable, and tunable. With a can-like shape, it has metal housings, and you can feel its solidity in your grip. For a mid-range product, its build quality is certainly satisfying. And unlike other wumbo-jumbo lights, Kessil A160WE is way smaller. Thus, its placement is very easy.

Because of its small size also, Kessil A160WE is very versatile. It is powerful enough to be used alone or in a pair in small to medium tanks. Or, you can use it to complement an existing light setup. The design that allows us to aim it to a certain angle is certainly a breakthrough approach. Otherwise, we can never illuminate that coral or this crevice precisely well with LED fixtures.

Another cool thing that people really love about Kessil A160WE is its near-silent fan-cooled heatsinks. With insufficient cooling, aquarium lights can get very hot, which is not good at all. The problem of using fans, though notably effective, is the noise. However, such noise issue is virtually non-existent on Kessil A160WE. It is quite enough to let you enjoy the sight of your aquatic environment without disturbance. Kessil A160WE features the new Kessil Spectral Controller, with new proprietary logic, that allows you to control the hue and intensity of light. Rest assured, Kessil A160WE spotlight is much more than just another aquarium light. It packs quite a punch, with excellent brightness, versatility, and controllability.

Specifications of Kessil A160WE
Dimensions 4″ x 2.48″
Coverage Up to 24″ surface diameter
Power Supply 100-240V AC (input)
19-24V DC (output)
Power Consumption 40W
What’s in the Box
• A160WE Tuna Blue
• DC Power Supply
• Gold Metal Hook
• Bracket (x2)
• C-shaped Bracket

Pros of Kessil A160WE
– Relatively budget-friendly, compared to other products with similar power
– Compact size
– Solid construction
– Excellent shimmer
– Good adjustability

Price of Kessil A160WE
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