Ipets PET618 Review: Excellent Yardage, Excellent Collar, and Affordable

By | September 7, 2016

If you are looking for a dog training collar with a truly decent range, but don’t want to spend too much money for the current moment, then consider getting Ipets PET618. Available at an affordable and budget-friendly price point, Ipets PET618 offers decent functionality and performance. The system can be used for up to three dogs at once, and you can choose to buy either the one-dog bundle, which includes only one collar, or the two-dog bundle, which includes two collars. The compatible collar model is available for separate purchase if you want to expand the system.

Ipets PET618 Review - Excellent Yardage, Excellent Collar, and Affordable

One great thing about Ipets PET618 is, of course, the excellent yardage. Ipets PET618 has a maximum syncing range of 880 yards, which is certainly much farther than most other models in the class. With such range, it is quite flexible and versatile for different purposes. It is great for home training and outdoor training, also for hunting. The handheld transmitter device can be integrated with up to three training collars at once, with a control knob on the top of the device acting as the signal selector. Ipets PET618 features no display screen; instead, it features a specific button for each mode: shock, vibration, and tone. Such configuration is actually a lot more convenient and intuitive, allowing for an easy and straightforward usage, as you don’t have to scramble through menus and such. The level selector at the bottom part offers eight levels that you can select for both the shock and vibration.

Another great thing about Ipets PET618 is the collar. The collar is designed to be quite long and equipped with a nice fitting mechanism that allows it to fit any dog size. It is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, with a minimum weight of 15 lbs. So, you never have to worry about it not fitting your dog – it is compatible to any dog size! Both the transmitter and collar receiver are waterproof. Ipets PET618 operates with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for your convenience.

Specifications of Ipets PET618
E-Collar Features:
Range: up to 880 yards
Collar Size: Fits small, medium, and large dogs (15 lbs or larger)
TPU Collar Size from 7 to 26 inches long
Battery Type: rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Waterproof Remote Transmitter and Collar Receiver
Tone/Vibration: 8 Levels of Vibration and Standard Tone
Stimulation: 8 Levels of Static Shock
Quickly switch between collars with Adjustable Dog Selector
Adjustable Intensity Dial
A button for each type of stimulation – no mode button allows for faster corrections
Quick and straightforward pairing process
Conserves power when not in usage to extend battery life
Power off Collar Receiver remotely with Remote Transmitter
Package Contents:
1 x Set of Contact Points
1 x Collar Receiver
1 x Adjustable TPU Strap
1 x Remote Transmitter
1 x Charger
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Test Bulb

Pros of Ipets PET618
– Attractive price!
– Excellent operating range
– Simple, but fully useful and practical control
– Collar fits to any dog size
– Waterproof

Price of Ipets PET618
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