Gentle Leader Vs Halti

By | May 16, 2016

If your dog pet has some aggression issue, sometimes taking it for a morning walk can be a very difficult task. We all don’t want to hurt our beloved pets, but, more often than not, taking our dogs away from barking and chasing people (or other animals) can be tremendously hard. For this problem, people usually use a head halter for a dog. The tool is still considered acceptable to teach and train your dog to walk peacefully, though of course not to be used as a permanent primary choice. Right now, there are two popular head halter products often used for dogs: Gentle Leader and Halti. Which one should you choose?

Gentle Leader Vs Halti

Gentle Leader
Gentle Leader has two loops that connect under the chin at the throat area of your dog; the neck loop fits on the neck, right behind the ears, and fits like a collar. It fits comfortably yet firmly. Meanwhile, the nose loop goes over the dog’s nose to be put in front of the eyes. The loop is made to be fairly snugly so that it will not slide off. You can connect the leash to the ring at the bottom where the loops meet. Gentle Leader is quite versatile because it has two modes: quick-release and buckle. It can also be used as a collar if you don’t need a head halter any longer. It is also sturdy and rugged. (Take a look: Gentle Leader Vs Easy Walk Harness)

Halti is a one-piece design, having cheek straps that connect the nose loop and the neck loop parts. You can also connect the leash to the ring located at the bottom, under the dog’s chin. It has quick-release connectors for easy installation and uninstallation. Compared to Gentle Leader, its loops are less tight; you can easily slide a finger under either of the cheek straps. Because of the looser fit, most dogs will accept it more easily. However, this feature also means that dogs can paw it off or back out of it more easily as well. Some people use Halti along with a backup leash or collar, just in case.

Gentle Leader Vs Halti

Gentle LeaderHalti
Features- Enjoy stress-free walks with the PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar - Stops excessive leash pulling and prevents other unwanted behaviors like lunging, jumping and barking - Provides immediate, gentle control- Innovative design allows owners to lead dogs by the nose - There are no metal parts in contact with the dog's skin - Safety loop attaches to regular collar for added security

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In general, Gentle Leader is a wiser choice than Halti, because it has firmer fit. It is less likely to slide off of your dog, so it is more reliable and safer. Therefore, you should choose Gentle Leader.

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