Gentle Leader Vs Easy Walk Harness

By | May 20, 2016

Confused in choosing between Easy Walk Harness and Gentle Leader? Both models are extremely popular on the market, and both are providing high quality. Both are made by the same manufacturer, PetSafe, which has been an industry-leading manufacturer of pet behavior, containment, and lifestyle products since 1991. Even so, keep in mind that Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness have very different characteristics and features, and most likely, only one of them will suit your needs and requirements well. So, let us take a look at these products and determine which model is best for you!

Gentle Leader Vs Easy Walk Harness

Gentle Leader
Gentle Leader is a head collar. We also have ever compared it to Halti head collar before. It has two parts or loops, a neck loop and a nose loop. Those loops meet and is connected by a ring just under the chin of your pet. The neck loop is fairly firm and is safe, will not cause any choking, and is painless. You can easily install the nose loop in front of your dog’s eyes. It is fairly snug and will not slide off any easily even though your dog is trying to paw it off. Even though it is considerably firm, it is designed with safety and protection in mind, and it comes with adjustable nylon straps with a neoprene-padded nose loop to provide a nice comfort for your dog. Gentle Leader is very effective to stop leash pulling and other unwanted behaviors, like lunging, jumping, and barking, because by pulling your dog’s nose, you can immediately avert the dog’s attention. Gentle Leader is perfect for immediate and solid yet gentle control.

Easy Walk Harness
Unlike Gentle Leader, Easy Walk Harness is a belly collar. Which means, instead of installing the second loop on your dog’s nose, you install it on the belly area. This is a good alternative if your dog has a short nose so that you can’t place Gentle Leader properly, or if your dog does not have so much of aggression issue and only does leash pulling. It has a chest strap that rests comfortably at the dog’s breastbone, effectively preventing gagging and choking. There are four adjustment points to provide maximum comfort and fit.

Gentle Leader Vs Easy Walk Harness

Gentle LeaderEasy Walk Harness
Features- Enjoy stress-free walks with the PetSafe Gentle Leader No-Pull Headcollar - Stops excessive leash pulling and prevents other unwanted behaviors like lunging, jumping and barking - Provides immediate, gentle control - Adjustable nylon straps with neoprene padded nose loop for added comfort - Does not cause choking and is painless- Enjoy stress-free walks with the PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Harness - Front-leash attachment steers dog to owner's side, reducing or eliminating leash pulling while on walks - Chest strap rests across dog's breastbone, preventing gagging and choking - Four adjustment points provide maximum comfort and reliable fit - Belly strap is a complementary color, making it easy to tell top from bottom

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While serving a similar purpose, Gentle Leader and Easy Walk Harness are considerably different from each other. Gentle Leader is the best choice to treat anxiety and aggression issues, as its design makes it very effective to train your dog without causing any harm. But, if your dog has a short nose, or does not have the mentioned issues, Easy Walk Harness is a viable alternative.

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