Garmin T5 Vs DC50

By | July 27, 2017

Pets for some people have become part of his own family. They will so feel lost when the pet animals not return home on time or even completely missing. New technology device that serves as a tracking device equipped with a GPS (global positioning system) might be a solution for those pet owners from losing your cherished pets. Try Garmin T5 or Garmin DC50 as alternative tool will be installed in the neck of your dog. If confused vote, this article will be very useful for you to be able to select exactly.

Garmin T5
We think that if you want more complete features, you should go to this page Garmin T5 vs TT15. The Garmin DC50 is shipped with 2 sizes of VHF antenna so if you are looking for more range with an option for the collar, and there will be no need to track down aftermarket antennas. The DC50 comes with a small clip that attaches to the collar rather than the cuff, and when you are charging it, it can easily tell if its is charged or not by the LED lights on the DC50. The overall design of the DC50 collar can make you very easy in changing the collar strap and match it to the arrow on the dog tracking page of your Astro 320, which will make the dogs track on the map the same color and the T5 collar is tracking with GLONASS. Tracking your dog’s every position and know exactly where they are at all times, even when you can’t see or hear your dogs. In addition, there is a new and improved T5 transmitter collar.

Garmin DC50
The Garmin DC 50 GPS Collar is designed a high-sensitivity, top mounted Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and GPS enabled receiver. The new stainless steel braided VHF antenna can add an additional reliability, extend the range, and has bark detection. With all of those features and system, you can locate your dog more quickly and maintain their position. Garmin DC50 can boost a nine mile range. This device can track up to 10 dogs with some additional collars, and the positions can be updated on the handheld every 5 until 120 seconds. The behaviour ca be detected by this Garmin DC50 are running, sitting, pointing or treeing an animal. Other features like a PIN based collar lock feature to prevent unauthorized Astro users from tracking your dog, just input your 5 digit PIN number. The battery on Garmin DC50 is already increased up to 15 to 17 hours.

Garmin T5 Vs DC50

Garmin T5Garmin DC50
Features- T 5 tracking dog device w/ rechargeable Li-ion battery, 1" blue collar strap, 18 1/2 " standard & 22 1/2 " extended range antennas, charge clip,- New Garmin Astro DC-50 GPS Dog Tracking Collar DC50 For Astro 320 010-01133-10 Good Gift Fast Shipping Ship Worldwide

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It seems like Garmin DC50 to be less than impressive to say the least. The difference is that the T5 has lights and is compatible with both Astro 320 and Alpha. We suspect you might have antenna problems on the DC50, but apparently others you know have had issues as well.

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