Fluval G6 Review : The Powerful and Advanced Canister Filter

By | November 24, 2016

Technology has advanced so far, introducing smarter and smarter machines and devices from time to time. Various functions can now be accomplished by computers and smart systems. You can have a smart home – so why don’t you have a smart canister filter as well?


If you fancy high-tech devices and you have an aquarium about which you care very much, then you will certainly love the idea of having a smart canister filter. You should take a look at Fluval G6! Fluval G6 is a futuristic filtration system that has implemented advanced technologies to provide the best filtration performance and operation convenience. It offers easy and simple control and maintenance in order to keep your aquarium environment healthy. And, of course, it is suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums.

Fluval G6 comes in a box-like body. The sides are all mostly rectangular. Measuring by just 249 x 249 x 326 mm, it is actually quite compact. However, once you compare the overall dimensions with the capacity, you may then consider this device to be somewhat bulky. It is suitable for aquariums between 80 to 160 US Gallons in capacity. Nevertheless, you can still place it quite easily even if you have rather limited space available. The construction is sturdy and rugged that it is certainly durable enough to last. It features a silicon gasket that promotes superior sealing and long-term reliability, and the inner chamber is made of fiberglass re-enforced polymer that can withstand pressures up to 15 PSI. The result, a leak-proof and noise-reducing casing.

On the front side, you can find the control panel with a high-res color display screen. Through the display screen, you can cycle through various information regarding your aquarium’s conditions and settings. It is very easy to access. You can quickly view the water temperature, flow rate, conductivity, along with the scheduling with a few presses of buttons. If the flow rate lowers or the conductivity increases at a faster rate than normal, then you may need to change the water. It is also very practical to use; with the self-priming technology, you can turn on the canister using just a single button.

Fluval G6 is powered by HydroTech, an intelligent monitoring system that makes use of various internal sensory modules. The HydroTech microprocessor stores and communicates real-time filtration performance. As mentioned above, Fluval G6 is suitable for tanks between 80 to 160 US Gallons. The pump output is 650 GPH and the filter circulation is 265 GPH. It operates very quietly! You will no longer have a hard time sleeping with Fluval G6. The flow rate is smooth and decent, but, unfortunately, it requires frequent cleaning. It can get clogged pretty quickly.

Fortunately, though, the sophisticated design has allowed for easy and effortless cleaning process. The AquaStop system makes maintenance as easy as ever, as the feature allows you to stop the water flow by just switching the AquaStop valve lever. Afterward, you can conveniently remove the parts without having to separate the hosing. You can simply remove the mechanical filter and clean it, then return it to place. Yes, it is reusable and very easy to clean. The chemical portion can be filled with any chemical filtration media that you want. And, most importantly, Fluval G6 features a separate bio media that is spacious. This is very beneficial, since you will not need to disturb the biological filtration agents for maintenance.

All in all, Fluval G6 is a cool high-tech product. It indeed makes maintenance for a small aquarium easier and more precise. It is also very quiet and has excellent flow rate. Though, with Fluval G6, you need to be a little bit more diligent for regular cleaning.

Specifications of Fluval G6
120V/60Hz: 27W
230-240V/50Hz: 28W
Filter Dimensions (L x W x H): 249x249x326 mm
Aquarium Capacity: 300-600 liters / 80-160 US Gallons
Pump Output:
120V/60Hz: 2510 l/h – 665 g/h
230-240V/50Hz: 2460 l/h – 650 g/h
Filter Circulation: 1000 l/h / 265 g/h
Filtration Volume: 8.7 l / 2.3 gal.
Mechanical Cartridge: 980 cm2
Biological Volume: 4.0 l / 1.05 gal.
Head Height:
50Hz: 210 cm – 6.10 ft
60Hz: 230 cm – 7.6 ft

Pros of Fluval G6
– Extremely quiet operation!
– Lots of bio media space
– Easy and simple maintenance process
– Smart features

Cons of Fluval G6
– Relatively bulky body
– Requires frequent cleaning

Price of Fluval G6
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