Fluval G3 Review: The Future of Water Filtration System

By | July 6, 2018

Since the release in 2009, the models from the Fluval G series have attracted a lot of attention because of the stylish looks and advanced features. Fluval G3, in particular, is especially popular for medium and large aquariums. In this Fluval G3 review, we will see why this filtration system is great and whether it is suitable for you.

Continue reading below to find out about:
– The design and footprint of Fluval G3
– Whether this filtration system is easy to use or not
– The monitoring features of this particular model
– The performance, including the filtration results and flow rate
– The maintenance requirements of Fluval G3
– The recommendation whether to buy or not to buy Fluval G3

Just like many other external filters, Fluval G3 is designed to be put under the tank. Inside the housing, there is a motor unit along with several spacious baskets for biological media and quick-access cartridges for mechanical and chemical media. Such a design allows for very easy set-up and maintenance. For very large aquariums, see Fluval G6 Review.

Fluval G3 features an LCD screen that can tell you the currents stats, including the flow rate, temperature level, and conductivity. It can also show historical data that can help you evaluate the filtration performance and analyze whether you need to make any adjustment. You can set alarms to notify you whenever a value goes outside a determined range.

It has a square footprint that makes it easy to install in almost any cabinet. The installation process can’t be any simpler. You just need to insert the red gasket into the filter’s rim, rinse the biological media before filling the baskets, load all the necessary baskets and cartridges, lock down the lid with the metal handles, and place the unit under your tank.

Fluval G3 has silver-colored hoses that match the modern design of the filter. The nice thing is that the hoses don’t show any algal or bacterial deposits, so the filter won’t appear gross or unsightly. The hose connectors allow quick connecting/disconnecting, but they are firm enough to secure the hoses without any leak potential.

Priming Mechanism
With traditional filters, priming is often difficult and inconvenient. But this is not the case with Fluval G3. In order to get the filter to start, you only need to siphon some water from the tank into the filter so that the canister is filled. This is easily done with the push-button priming mechanism.

After pushing the button rapidly for a few times, you will eventually hear the filter filling up. This is the time to switch on the machine. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about breaking the unit during the priming process because it is impossible for Fluval G3 to run dry.

Fluval G3 has a mechanism to prevent the impeller from spinning if air is still detected inside it. When this happens, the LCD screen will show a warning. The unit will gurgle and expel the trapped air, and it will eventually start and run smoothly.

The company always boasts about Fluval G3’s integrated Hydrotech Performance Monitor. However, this is for good reasons. The monitoring system does have useful features, and it is intuitive to use. You don’t really need to read the instructions to understand most of it. Perhaps the only weakness is that the display is not permanently illuminated. It goes off after being idle for a while, and you need to press a button to turn it back on.

It provides a visual indication of the flow rate, along with readings of the temperature level and conductivity. It also shows when you need to clean the biological, mechanical, and chemical media. Here, you can also program the desired maximum and minimum levels for the temperature and conductivity, so that the Fluval G3 will alert you whenever any of them goes outside the range. This is very useful, especially for aquariums that are very sensitive to changes in those factors.

Perhaps the most useful feature of the monitoring system is the flow rate indicator. From this measurement, you can clearly see whether the unit is running properly or not. Whenever you notice a decrease in the flow rate, usually you only need to clean the media to get the unit back to its optimum performance.

Conductivity/Salinity Measurement
A special feature that sets Fluval G3 from most filters in the market is the conductivity measurement. It comes with a titanium probe to measure the metric. The company claims that the titanium probe doesn’t require any manual calibration or cleaning. The unit is smart enough to detect whether the water is freshwater or saltwater, and to change the reading accordingly.

Well, at first, the unit takes about 48 hours to calibrate itself properly. If the aquarium has freshwater, it will measure the conductivity. If the aquarium has saltwater, it will measure the salinity.

This feature is interesting because most fish keepers are not aware about the suitable conductivity ranges for specific groups of fish. Fortunately, Fluval G3 comes with a DVD to help you determine the suitable conductivity range. There is also some good information on the company’s website that addresses the topic.

The maintenance of Fluval G3 is very easy and straightforward. You can even change the mechanical and chemical media without turning off the unit. However, it is still recommended that you turn the unit off first.To stop the water flow to the cartridges, you can lift the Aquastop lever on the top side of the canister.

A stiff brush is included in the bundle. It is used to clean the mechanical media cartridge. The chemical media cartridge can be filled with the media of your choice. Meanwhile, the biological media don’t need to be pulled out, so you can just leave the bacterial population undisturbed.

After you have cleaned or replaced the media, you can return the cartridges to their places. Don’t forget to lock them again. Lower the Aquastop to open the water flow, and restart the filter. There is no need to re-prime the unit.

- Powerful filtration system for use in both freshwater and marine environments - Easy to use; One button self-priming technology - Easy access and ability to view water temperature, flow rate and conductivity

Fluval G3 is a truly splendid product. You should get this model if you need a reliable filter with easy set-up and maintenance. The performance is great, and the features are very useful. The monitoring system can show you useful stats and alert you whenever something goes wrong.

Fluval G3 Review: Specifications
UPC: 015561104104
Item Number: A410
Use: For aquariums up to 80 US Gal. (300 L)
Wattage: 120V/60Hz – 18 W, 230-240V/50Hz – 17 W
Filter Circulation: 185 US Gal.perhour(700 LPH)
Filtration Volume: 1.32 US Gal. (5 L)
Biological Volume: 0.6 US Gal. (2.36 L)
Mechanical Cartridge: 204 inches2(520 cm2)
Motor Performance: 60 Hz
Head Height: 50Hz– 180 cm (5.1 ft.), 60Hz – 190 cm (6.2 ft.)
Dimensions: 9.8 X 9.8 X 9.72 inches(249 X 249 X 247 mm)

Fluval G3 Review: Pros
– Stylish, good-looking design
– Very easy priming mechanism
– Incredibly useful stats monitoring
– Decent performance, suitable for medium and large tanks
– Simple and easy maintenance

Fluval G3 Review: Price
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