Fluval FX6 Vs Eheim Pro 3

By | September 17, 2016

Are you confused in choosing between Fluval FX6 and Eheim Pro 3? Both Fluval FX6 and Eheim Pro 3 are immensely popular canister filter models on the market. Since the two models are available at almost similar prices, it can be quite difficult to choose one. Between Fluval FX6 and Eheim Pro 3, which one has the best performance? Which one is the most reliable? We will take a deeper look on each model now!


Fluval FX6
Fluval FX6 is a multi-stage filter that is compatible with both freshwater and marine aquariums. Fluval FX6 features the Smart Pump technology for optimum filtration performance, efficiency, and management. It is a self-starting filter, which means that you don’t have to do any manual priming yourself. Simply install it properly and it will start working immediately. Fluval FX6 is designed sophisticatedly, equipped with various convenience features. It has a built-in monthly maintenance remainder, which is very handy to remind you of the date of the last maintenance and water change. It also has the water change feature. It has a dedicated hose for automatically changing the water of the aquarium with the clean one from a water outlet. The multi-directional output nozzle is handy for creating specific water flows. Fluval FX6 has Purge Valve for easily flushing and cleaning canister. Fluval FX6 is suitable for aquariums up to 400 US Gallons in size and able to provide a filtration circulation of 563 US GPH. (Let us also see: Fluval Fx6 Vs G6)

Eheim Pro 3
Eheim Pro 3 is also a very popular external canister filter that is famous for its superior filtration performance. Eheim Pro 3 is available in several size variants, with the largest one suitable for aquariums up to 1200 Liters in capacity (roughly equal to 317 US Gallons). Some Eheim Pro 3 variants are also available with an integrated heating system. So, not only the machine performs filtration, but also it maintains an ideal temperature level in the aquarium. Eheim Pro 3 also has automatic self-priming feature and adjustable pump output. The model is praised for having such a convenient and practical design, featuring removable filter baskets for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Fluval FX6 Vs Eheim Pro 3

Fluval FX6Eheim Pro 3
Features- Multi-Stage Filter - Features Smart Pump Technology - Self-starting filter-just add water and plug in - Built with a monthly maintenance reminder - For aquariums up to 400 gallons- The EHEIM is a German manufacturer of aquarium accessories - Manufactured by Elemi - Made in Germany

Ratings*4.6 out of 5.0 stars3.5 out of 5.0 stars
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In general, we recommend you to choose Eheim Pro 3. It offers a more convenient and practical design that allows easy cleaning and maintenance. The filter baskets allow for precise placement of media for optimum filtration performance.

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