Fluval 405 Vs Eheim 2217

By | July 6, 2017

Canister filter has the function of circulation of the water and filter the water so shit-shit that float in the water can be fetched until the water becomes clear. Canister filter is a system that covered and airtight. Principle of filter canister is the water being sucked out of the tank through the bottom of the tube, sieve, or valve, then the water is passed through the filter media are pressurized, filtered water and then pumped back into the fish tank is sprayed or poured through. Choosing the right canister filter for aquarium we are the important things for the sake of maintaining hygiene in the aquarium. There are 2 options that we provide to you choose or be a reference i.e. Fluval 405 and Eheim 2217.

Fluval 405
The Fluval 405 is external filter for aquarium claims as the best design. This product can handle up to 400 litres of water while the unit is rated at a whopping 1300 litres per hour. It has multiple chambers for various filter media and allows customization to the users specific requirements. There are 2 foam pads, 4×70 gram bags of carbon, and 4×200 gram of Biomax biomedia in the supplied with filter media. The pipes whether for in and out are provided with Fluval’s great clips for holding the hosing in place and will stop it coming loose while the hosing is ribbed and it ensures the hosing does not get crimped and reduce water flow. If you feel confuse with the way we use it, there are a full setup and maintenance DVD guide. For te bonus, Fluval 405 External Filters also has neat tricks such as Aquastop that can stop the flow of water without having to turn the unit off and can enable the pipes to be disconnected without mess, also can instant priming so there is no pumping to prime the unit. (Take a look : Fluval 405 Vs 406)

Eheim 2217
Eheim 2217 Canister Filter or Eheim Classic 600 is one of the most famous filters in the hobby. The capacity of this filter is up to 160 gallons and can be used on fresh or salt water. It has 264GPH of flowrate and real power lies in the exceptional construction, also the quality design that can ensure good filtration despite the average output. This filter is an old school design with single chamber, but it allows us to have more flex when adding filter media and it also has an enormous capacity of 1.6 gallons, ensuring comprehensive, quality filtration. Eheim 2217 canister filter is known for being robust and sturdy. Most canister filters have the intake or outtake valves located at the top. The Eheim 2217 has an intake tube on the bottom of the filter and the output is on top. Although the Eheim 2213 has only less capacity and output power than the 2217, it requires much less power to run with only 8 watts. (See also : Fluval 406 Vs Eheim 2217)

Fluval 405 Vs Eheim 2217

Fluval 405Eheim 2217
BrandFluval 404-405 Tune Up KitEheim
Features- Fluval 404-405 Impeller A-20172 - Fluval Well Cover A-20156 - Fluval 404-405 Shaft A-20066 - Fluval 404-405 Oring A-20063 - Complete Tune up Kit- Flow rates have been precisely calculated to provide the exact balance needed between mechanical an - Water circulation and oxygen enrichment - Resulting in optimum conditions for successful aquarium keeping

Ratings*4.6 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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There are 2 reasons why you must choose Fluval 405 better than Eheim 2217, beside of the cheaper price you have to pay on Fluval 405, it is also easy to use, easy maintenance, effective, and lastly it is extremely quiet. We are not saying that Eheim 2217 is bad, it is a good choice too although the machine is older.

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