Fluval 206 Review: Excellent for Small Tanks

By | April 28, 2016

Having an external canister filter is, more often than not, a must for aquarium hobbyists. Not only it helps in keeping a clean, healthy water environment for your aquatic pet or pets, but it also provides the needed water flow. However, trying to find the perfect external canister filter for a small aquarium can be a difficult thing. You have to make sure that the device can be adjusted well for your specific needs. Well, if the tank is smaller than 45 US Gallons, look no further and get yourself one Fluval 206. The model is an external canister filter specially engineered for small tanks. It has sophisticated design and features, very practical assembly process and maintenance, is durable and will last for a long time for sure.

Fluval 206 Review - Excellent for Small Tanks

Installing Fluval 206 does not require an Einstein-like intelligence, so, lay people and non-mechanical persons will definitely able to install it correctly, though reading the manual first is certainly a must. Still, you can install it on your aquarium easily without any crucial hassle. Fluval 206 has a neat instant prime system. Different to other canister filter systems, you will not have to do manual pumping here. It automatically gets the water flow started, which is more convenient, faster, and easier. You will notice that Fluval 206 has one hose that connectors on either end, hence, be careful not to make a wrong cut!

Fluval 206 is tall but considerably slim. Being 18-inch tall, and only 8-inch long and 7-inch wide, most people will find it easy to be put and positioned nearby their aquarium. One great thing about Fluval 206 is that it has a sound-dampening impeller design, which makes it significantly quieter than many other canister filtration systems. Not that it is completely silent, but you can sleep well at night with it working. It has a clog-proof design in the intake strainer; potential polluters can be brought and filtered well by the media without causing a clog. There AquaStop Valves that you can switch to stop the water flow and disconnecting hoses without leakage and spillage. Maintenance can be done without a mess.

With a flow rate of 206 US GPH, Fluval 206 is suitable for aquariums up to 45 US Gallons. Fluval 206 features three media stages for mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration. It comes with Fluval BioMax Bio Rings, Fluval Carbon, and Fluval Bio Foam. The given media can purify the water pretty well especially from physical and chemical polluters. However, it is compatible with various Fluval media that you can purchase separately.

Specifications of Fluval 206
Flow Rate: 780 LPH (206 US GPH)
Media Capacity: 4.6 L
Head Height (max.): 1.45 M (4.8 FT)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 20 X 18 X 46 CM (8 X 7 X 18 IN)
Wattage: 120 V / 60HZ – 10 W AND 230-240 V/50HZ – 10 W

Pros of Fluval 206
– Designed well for small tanks
– Three media stages
– Clog-proof and secure closure
– Relatively quiet

Price of Fluval 206
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