Finnex Ray 2 Review

By | May 5, 2015

One thing about Finnex Ray 2 review is about how it really emphasizes in providing as much light as possible. The high-output is totally not a joke and it’s all thanks to the 7000K LEDs! It’s going to be as bright as the day light. And with that in mind, well, Finnex Ray 2 is surely suitable for those who desire to grow plants in your tank that gets supplemental CO2.

Finnex Ray 2 Review a

Better Look, Unbeatable Mounting
In case you think that bright light is the only great thing offered by Finnex Ray 2, you’re completely wrong. Aesthetically speaking, Finnex offers more stunning-look fixture. When you see both lights, there’s nothing for you to say but “fantastic”, “terrific”, or any other positive adjectives! As the results, there’s no way for you to have dull tank anymore. What you’ll get is a tank that will blow your mind since the appearance significantly increases. Compare Finnex Ray 2 in terms of tank mounts and legs with the other similar products and you’ll see Finnex Ray is unbeatable! And yes, it seems Finnex Ray 2 really understands the know-how in providing awesome features to your tank up to the simple matters like how there are plastic screws included which can be used to clamp the lamp on the edge area of your tank. Such plastic screws usage is definitely brilliant because it will help you avoid corrosion. And this feature is really helpful if your tank is rimless-type.

Finnex Ray 2 Review

Finnex Ray 2 Specs
Finnex High Output Unibody Ultra Slim LED, High PAR
Daylight: 7000k Dual LED Strips
Dimensions: 30″ Long x 3″ Wide x 1″ High

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Possible Flaw?
If you’re trying to check whether this seemingly-perfect aquarium LED daylight has a flaw or two, perhaps, you might be troubled with the inexistence of “hanging” mount. Yes, if you want to hang Finnex Ray 2, there’s no way for you to do but to make custom hangers. Modify the housing a little by drilling some holes there so you can hang it. Aside from that, Finnex Ray 2 is next-to flawless! Another necessary point related to Finnex Ray 2 review is, don’t forget how the price is also going to be friendly to your wallet too.

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