Finnex Planted Plus Review

By | May 6, 2015

Previously, we have reviewed Finnex Ray 2. Now its time for Finnex Planted Plus. Finnex Planted Plus is the proof of “size doesn’t matter”. Judging from the dimension of this aquarium LED light, it’s like good-for-nothing choice. But, hold your tongue before you turn it on. You’ll get awe-struck because this light is very bright. And bright tank is the key to have stunning-looking tank, right? So, what’s more offered? Let’s check out the Finnex Planted Plus review here.

Finnex Planted Plus Review

Feature-complete Aquarium LED Light
Finnex Planted Plus is available along with this unbelievably-brilliant mounting! Yes, mounting is an important aspect to consider if you’re looking for the right aquarium light. No matter how great the light is in providing the brightness, if it can’t be mounted properly, it’s pointless. And Finnex Planted Plus has 3 brackets in which each is going to slide on your tank’s ends and then you’ll be able to attach it by using plastic screws. With such attachment slide, there’s nothing for you to worry at all regardless of your tank width! Even for the tank that has rather “uncommon” width, this tank can do the trick like magic! Take a look : Finnex Ray 2 Vs Planted Plus.

30″ Unibody Ultra Slim High Output Planted LED
TRUE 660nm intensive photosynthesis RED LEDs
(104) 7000k + (56) 660nm RED + (8) Blue Moonlights
20.8 Total Watts

Moving to the light, it’s very thin you might barely see it. But, hey, even if the size is small, in addition to the abundant brightness, you can also switch the LED from red, white, and blue. It’s possible for you to light those colors together or separately. Say hello to adjustable lighting for your tank!

Is It Really THAT Perfect?
Yes, it’s not exaggerating to say this lighting is nearly perfect with the sleek and modern design providing extremely beautiful light. And the price is the best deal you can find out there. However, somehow, the in-existence of separate moonlight and daylight settings might be quite troublesome. Yet, you can do all-lights-on trick during the day and all off when the night comes. You’ll see how the moonlight is going to provide chilling and darker ambience to your room. Of course, Finnex Planted Plus review still offers you with more fantastic-ness. Nonetheless, the review above should be enough to make you get your car, drive it to the store and get Finnex Planted Plus right away. Or even better, get it online, now!

Buy Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights, 30-Inch.

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