Eheim Quick Vac Pro Reviews : Utility Tool for Quick Clean-Up

By | March 8, 2016

Eheim Quick Vac Pro is also largely known as Eheim Aquarium Vacuum. This slender tool is designed to be a battery powered (no need to mess with tangled cords!) gravel cleaner, so that you can purge the gravel substrate in your aquarium easily without having to perform a complete water change. As said by the manufacturer, its suction power is made to be just enough for removing dirt particles without causing too much disturbance to the bottom layer. Its mesh filter compartment then collects the dirt, while letting the water return back into your aquarium. The filter compartment is easily removable to be cleaned after.

Eheim Quick Vac Pro Reviews

Eheim Quick Vac Pro does the job pretty nicely, much like how the manufacturer describes it. Well, we can not expect some superb suction like what we can see from our floor vacuum cleaners, indeed. But it indeed sucks up the dirt and sludge from the gravels. Tiny particles indeed get caught in the cartridge trap. But, then again, we can only consider it as a mechanical cleaner, as chemicals and liquefied substances that are dissolved in the water will be returned back into the tank along with the water. That is why some residual cloudy water can sometimes be seen after usage. Eheim Quick Vac Pro is submersible up to 3 feet in depth, and operates with 4 AA batteries.

All in all, Eheim Quick Vac Pro is a good product, but not to be a substitute for doing a water change! It cleans the gravels pretty well, and it can lengthen the interval between water changes. It is nice if your aquarium can get dirty somehow too quickly. Nevertheless, if we put its price into account, we may consider it to be quite overpriced, considering that it is not exactly a very powerful tool.

Product Specifications
UPC (-)
Packing 4 Part (s)
Packing dimensions(Width) 15.40 cm
Packing dimensions(Height) 45.30 cm
Packing dimensions(Depth) 6.00 cm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes
Includes 4 AA batteries

– Sucks up polluter particles from your gravels well
– Very easy and practical to be used
– Helps to maintain the cleanliness in your tank

– A little too pricey
– Only catches physical materials

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