Eheim 2078 Vs 2080

By | November 18, 2016

Two external canister filters from Eheim, Eheim 2078 and Eheim 2080, may have captured your particular attention. If you are in need of a powerful and reliable external canister filter for your aquarium right now, Eheim 2078 and Eheim 20 80 make excellent choices. Nevertheless, Eheim 2078 is being priced more expensively than Eheim 2080. Is it really better? What makes it better? Below, we will discuss about the differences between Eheim 2078 and Eheim 2080 in order to determine which one is the most suitable for you.


The Capacity and Output Rate
In terms of size, Eheim 2078 and Eheim 2080 actually are not so different from each other. In fact, they look like almost the same machines, though, after careful observation, you can then notice that Eheim 2080 is just bigger and larger than Eheim 2078. This is due to the larger capacity. Eheim 2080 is a larger canister filter which features 25 liters of total volume. On the other hand, Eheim 2078 is smaller. It only has 14 liters of total volume. This difference, in effect, affects the output rate and the compatibility with your aquarium’s size. Eheim 2080 has 1700 liters/hour output rate and is compatible for aquariums up to 1200 liters in capacity. On the other hand, quite interestingly, Eheim 2078 has a higher output rate of 1850 liters/hour, but is only suitable for aquariums up to 700 liters in size.

Nevertheless, you should also put the weight into your consideration; 25 liters of water can be heavy. Thus, the cleaning and maintenance process can be tricky to perform. 14 liters is indeed relatively lighter, allowing you to lift the filter for cleaning with less effort.

The Special Feature
Now, you are perhaps wondering why Eheim 2078 can have higher output flow rate while having a smaller capacity. This is because Eheim 2078 is the world’s first external canister filter with electronic microprocessor control. The smart control unit performs an excellent job in managing the input, filtration process, and output flow for the best performance. Also, thanks to the sophisticated technology, Eheim 2078 now comes with variable water flow control for the most precise setting. Eheim 2080 does not have such feature.

Eheim 2078 Vs 2080

Eheim 2078Eheim 2080
Features- Electronic control at the touch of a button- Ehen professional 3 filter - Manufactured by Elemi - Made in Germany

Ratings*3.3 out of 5.0 stars3.0 out of 5.0 stars
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Eheim 2078 is a cool product because of the electronic system as well as higher flow rate. If you need the increased flow rate, then Eheim 2078 is the way to go. If you don’t really need the higher flow rate, then you should stick with Eheim 2080, which has a larger media volume and a much larger tank rating.

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