Dogtra ARC Reviews: Reliability Of The Two-Dog Training System

By | July 5, 2016

Looking for the right dog training system that suits your needs the best is no easy task. There are a lot of brands and models available on the market, and each product tends to have each own distinctive features and specifications. Well, you should have heard about Dogtra. So far, Dogtra has manufactured a number of dog training systems that are loved by many users for their reliability. If you are searching for a dog training system that can accommodate up to two dogs at once and is usable for some distances, you should take a look at Dogtra ARC. In short, Dogtra ARC is the reliability of a two-dog training system. See also: Dogtra 1900 Vs 2300.

Dogtra ARC Reviews - Reliability Of The Two-Dog Training System

Dogtra ARC comes with a pretty decent operating range of ¾ miles. While there are other models that have an operating range of 1 mile, Dogtra ARC should be sufficient for short distances and off-leash training. It is not exactly made for the larger hunting dogs, so the marginal range compromise should not be an issue. Dogtra ARC comes with 127 levels of dial-adjustable stimulations, with low to medium output power. It is made for smaller dogs that weigh around 15 lbs and dogs that have moderate temperaments only. There are three different stimulation modes: Nick, Constant, and non-stimulating Vibration.

The basic bundle comes with the handheld transmitter device, the dog collar, and the receiver. The dog collar is sophisticatedly designed to fit the curves of your dog’s neck, making it very comfortable for your dog to wear. Your dog can even hardly notice it. All the components are constructed to be rugged and waterproof, so there is no need to worry about getting wet from some splashes or rain. If you need to handle two dogs at once, you can get another set of collar and receiver. The handheld device is already armed with color-coded buttons that are made to control each dog, making it very convenient to use. Also, the handheld device has a textured, checkered grips, delivering such a solid handling. There is also an LCD screen that can show you information about the precise level of stimulation and the remaining amount of battery left.

Pros of Dogtra ARC
– Sophisticatedly designed for small dogs
– Convenient handheld device that features a neat LCD screen and color-coded buttons
– Decent operating range
– Expandable up to two dogs, good for home usage

Price of Dogtra ARC
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