Dogtra 1900NCP Review

By | May 12, 2015

Having a dog is one thing but hoping he’s going to be your best buddy is another thing. Dogs are among the best pets for us but it doesn’t mean all dogs will be obedient to us. Some dog types are rather “naughty” and there’s barely anything we can do because it’s his nature. Dogtra 1900NCP review as what you’ll see below will make any dog as obedient as a private to his commander.

Dogtra 1900NCP Review

Brilliant yet Safe Training System
What’s so fantastic about this training collar for dog is its brilliant training system. There’s precise simulation level ranging from level 0 to 27. Adjust the level by considering how “bad” your dog is. And the coverage of this collar is about 0.5 mile. With such system, it’s not a hard task anymore to make your dog listen to what you say and there’s no more wandering around. Of course, the system like this is what is needed by every dog trainer.

See the comparison between Dogtra 1900 Vs 2300.

The existence of nick, constant, as well as non-stimulating vibration modes is also the magic behind the “alteration” of your dog’s personality. As a dog owner, you may worry about hurting your dog too much when you’re training your dog with this collar. However, with Dogtra 1900NCP, it’s a worry-for-nothing condition. For your information, nick is a kind of burst that happens momentarily done as pre-measured stimulation. Constant mode will send electrical stimulation which will last as long as you press the button or 8 seconds at most. And non-stimulating vibration is the “lowest-level” mode. You can see how there’s nothing harmful for your dog, right?

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If you’re using Dogtra 1900NCP as the collar to help you take control of your dog during hunting, the fully waterproof feature for the collar (as the receiver) and transmitter will really come in handy. It’ll be so convenient for you even if your hunting field is harsh! Not to mention, the collar will also come with rechargeable batteries and stunning LCD screen displays. Bottom line, based on Dogtra 1900NCP review above, this collar is surely the best way out for dog training. Your dog is going to be like sir-yes-sir to you and at the same time, you don’t need to worry about harming your dog during training.

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