DoggyRide Novel10 Review : Just A Dog Carriage

By | January 31, 2016

At the first glance, DoggyRide Novel10 seems like a very attractive solution for riding around with your dog. It styles excellently, and as mentioned by the manufacturer, can make your dog feels like the king – or queen – of the road. It is a dog carriage that you can hook to the back side of your bike in order to travel without letting your pet get exhausted.

DoggyRide Novel10 review

DoggyRide Novel10 review
The exterior appearance of DoggyRide Novel10 can be enchanting, and the roof rack makes it looks very practical for real life usage. And, indeed, the product is also equipped with some pouches and pockets to store your riding supplies. You can transform it into either a dog bike trailer or a stroller/jogger.

Unfortunately, its design is not as stable as the previously reviewed Solvit HoundAbout. Most probably that is because the more cubic-like form and the somewhat high center of gravity. DoggyRide Novel10 tilts somehow easily upon turning, so you need to carefully maintain your speed when having your dog inside it. Be careful not to put too many things on the roof rack as well because they can affect the already bad stability more negatively. There is only one single door which is at the front side of the cart. The inside space is pretty wide to accommodate up to 110 pounds dog, but probably not as wide as you may have expected.

Product Specifications
Color Holland Orange / Black
Max dog size 26-in / 65 cm shoulder height
Interior dimensions 31.5 x 21 x 25.5 in / 80 x 56 x 65 cm
Net Weight 34 lbs / 15.4 kgs
Maximum Loading Capacity 110 lbs / 50 kgs
Wheel size/tire 20 inch / Kenda 20 x 1.75

The Plus
– Attractive design
– Armed with convenient storage features

The Minus
– Unstable

The Price
Check the price of DoggyRide Novel10 here!

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