CatGenie 120 Review: Ultimate Convenience for You and Your Cat

By | June 26, 2016

Tired of cleaning the litter of your cat yourself? Well, you can put yourself at ease now, because we have CatGenie 120! You never have to touch or smell cat litter anymore with the device. CatGenie 120 is the ultimate convenience for you and your cat, working completely and entirely automatic. Furthermore, you can quickly teach your cat to use the device because it uses washable granules that mimic the natural environment. CatGenie 120 allows your cat to dig and cover in the granules, so your cat will most likely use the device instinctively.

CatGenie 120 Review - Ultimate Convenience for You and Your Cat

Well, CatGenie 120 is one piece of hardware that is quite bulky and heavy, measuring 25.8” x 22.4” x 13.8” and weighing approximately 25 lbs. In addition, it requires being hooked up to a cold water line, wastewater drain, and electrical outlet. Hence, it is certainly not something that you would like to move around. However, you should be able to fit it in your bathroom because it is not very big either. Another great thing, CatGenie 120 is actually wide enough to accommodate up to three average-sized cats, making it a grand solution if you have more than one cat in your home. It consumes 20W for the 17-minute cleaning cycle and 1200W for the 17-minute drying cycle.

CatGenie 120 is fully automatic, from the process of scooping, flushing, to even cleaning itself. The unit includes biodegradable SaniSolution cartridge and washable granules. Once your cat has finished littering and left, the machine will clean itself and the granules with clean water and the SaniSolution. The machine even has the GenieHand to remove solid waste, which then will be liquefied for easy removal. All the waste will be discarded to the drain channel, while the granules will be returned to the machine. Everything is decontaminated by the SaniSolution. Finally, the machine has a hot-air blower that will completely dry the granules and the system so that it will be immediately ready for the next usage. Worth a note, the granules are permanent. You will not have to change the granules. You only need to refill the SaniSolution every once in a while. In general, the cost is justified by the utmost convenience that you can get from the device!

Specifications of CatGenie 120
Weight approx: 25 lbs.(Includes Processing Unit, 11 lbs. Base Unit, 14 lbs)
Product Dimensions approx: 25.8 x 22.4 x 13.8 inches
Requires hookup to cold water line, wastewater drain and electrical outlet.
Full automatic process of scooping, flushing waste away and washing itself clean.
Unit includes biodegradable SaniSolution cartridge and washable granules.
Reusable litter-like washable granules for your cat to dig and cover.
Suitable for no more than 3 average sized cats from 6 months age.
Power Consumption: 1200W (Drying Cycle-17 Minutes) 20W (Cleaning Cycle-17Minutes)

Pros of CatGenie 120
– Completely and entirely automatic!
– Wide enough to accomodate more than one cat
– Mimic the natural environment, allowing your cat to use the device instinctively

Price of CatGenie 120
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