biOrb CLASSIC 60 Review: The Complete and Convenient Aquarium

By | July 2, 2016

Are you looking for a compact aquarium that is virtually maintenance-free so that you can afford to have some marine pets even though you are a very busy and active person? If so, the answer is simple: biOrb CLASSIC 60. It is a feature-packed aquarium with a decent capacity of 60 Liters, equal to 16 US Gallons, allowing you to put some larger and more advanced fishes. biOrb CLASSIC 60 is the complete and convenient aquarium, a great way to have a saltwater aquarium or a marine set-up with much less headache! (See also: Fluval Edge 12 Gallon Review)

biOrb CLASSIC 60 Review - The Complete and Convenient Aquarium

Most probably, you will be immediately astonished by its solid construction the first time you see it and take it out of the box. The compact-sized spherical aquarium is constructed of Acrylic instead of glass. As the effect, biOrb CLASSIC 60 is ten times stronger than glass tanks, 50% lighter, yet 93% clearer. Having such a solid and sturdy build, it does not break any easily, so you can ease yourself a little bit if you have children or pets in your home that may accidentally bump onto it. It is available in two variants, one with black frame and another with silver frame.

Designed to be a convenient dramatic marine decor, biOrb CLASSIC 60 tries to lessen your burden by having built-in lighting system and filtration system. It comes with a long-lasting low-voltage Standard LED Light, which plugs directly to the transformer, so you only need to use a single power outlet in order to power up the whole tank. The light is adequate, sophisticatedly placed at the center of the sphere to spread the illumination evenly.

Meanwhile, the filtration system deserves its own praise. biOrb CLASSIC 60 comes with an actual five-stage filtration system, consisting of biological, mechanical, and chemical filtrations, along with water stabilization and oxygenation. The air-driven filtration also creates a vigorous water flow, constantly changing the water surface for maintaining oxygen saturation. Worth a note, the included rocks are an important part of the filtration system, acting to support the beneficial bacteria that convert dangerous ammonia into nitrate, so you should be careful if you want to change them with your own gravels. All the waste will then be accumulated in the filter cartridge. The biOrb filter cartridges are universally compatible with all biOrb aquariums.

Specifications of biOrb CLASSIC 60
Environmental and electrical requirements
Frequency: single phase, 50Hz or 60Hz
Line voltage: 12V AC
Maximum continuous power: 13W
Safety standards
Complies with CE, UL, and ULC safety requirements.
Volume: 16 Gallon (60L)
Weight (full): 130 pounds (61 kg)
Height: 52cm / 20.4 inches
Width: 50cm / 19.6 inches

Pros of biOrb CLASSIC 60
– Packed with complete features!
– Built-in lighting system and 5-stage filtration system
– Durable and sturdy construction
– Low energy consumption, making such it very cost-efficient for the long run
– Decent and versatile capacity of 16 US Gallons, suitable for various purposes

Price of biOrb CLASSIC 60
Check the best price of biOrb CLASSIC 60 here!

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