Bil Jac Vs Science Diet

By | May 27, 2017

Choosing the right dog food for your beloved pet is indeed not an easy task. It can be very confusing, especially considering the number of options that are available on the market. If you are looking for the best that you can get, there are two products that may stand out from the rest; they are Bil Jac and Science Diet. Let’s be honest here – these are expensive items. But we all know that an expensive price tag does not guarantee good quality. So, how do they compare against each other? Which is the best dog food that you should choose?

Comparing the Ingredients
One way to estimate a dog food’s quality is by checking the first ingredients listed. That’s because the ingredients lists of the products are sorted from the first to the last by the highest amount. If a dog food has meats as the first ingredients, it’s a good sign.

Bil Jac claims that it uses a total of 20 lbs fresh chicken to make a 30-lbs pack. The first ingredients are chicken, chicken by-products, corn meal, chicken by-product meal, dried beet pulp, and oatmeal. Even though there are “by-products”, we can assume that those ones come from the same fresh chicken, ensuring the quality.

On the other hand, Science Diet’s first ingredients are chicken, whole grain wheat, cracked pearled barley, whole grain sorghum, and whole grain corn. These ingredients are not too bad, but not the best either.

Nutritional Values
The nutritional values of Bil Jac are indeed more balanced than Science Diet. The protein and fat of Bil Jac are quite high, whereas the carbs content is not much higher. On the other hand, Science Diet is lower in protein and fat while being higher in carbs. A dog needs more protein and fat. Too much carbs can cause the dog to gain weight.

Bil Jac’s available formulas are mostly based on chicken. It has formulas made specifically for adult dogs, senior dogs, puppies, as well as small breed and large breed dogs. There are also formulas with reduced fat and for sensitive digestion. On the other hand, Science Diet is available in various formulas for different purposes and based on different types of meats.

Bil Jac Vs Science Diet

Bil JacScience Diet
BrandBil-JacHill's Science Diet
Features- Carefully formulated for the care and nutrition of large breed dogs - 20 pounds of fresh chicken is used to make a 30 pound bag - Exact proportions of all the nutrients your large breed dog needs- Natural sources of glucosamine & chondroitin for joints & mobility - Natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids - Clinically proven antioxidant benefits

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If you can afford it, then Bil Jac is indeed the better option. The nutritional values are more balanced, and the meat content is high and good. The problem with Science Diet is the high carbs content.

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