Bayer Seresto Cat Collar Review: Non-Greasy, Odorless, Long-Lasting!

By | August 4, 2016

When it comes to taking care of a cat, we all know that the battle against fleas and ticks is particularly annoying, often time-consuming, and sometimes exhausting. The problem is, after a seemingly successful treatment, fleas and ticks can still return to once again infest on your lovely cat. Fleas and ticks make life very uncomfortable for your cat – they feed on your cat’s blood, leave itchy and painful bites, and may pass dangerous diseases. However, there is Bayer Seresto to save us!

Bayer Seresto Cat Collar Review

Bayer Seresto is a flea collar that is available in versions for cats and for dogs. If you are not familiar yet, a flea collar is a special collar made for a pet that is capable of eliminating fleas and ticks as well as preventing future infestation. A flea collar may work by either emitting small doses of active ingredients or by producing a medication that seeps into the fat layer of the pet. Here, Bayer Seresto is one that releases its ingredients to the fatty layer of your cat’s skin and hair. However, Bayer Seresto is very different from other flea collars because it is very effective and reliable, yet is easy to use and non-messy.

Bayer Seresto features a blend of materials that is stored in the polymer matrix. The sophisticated mechanism ensures controlled constant low-dose releases. If your cat has developed flea issues, Bayer Seresto can give pretty quick results. The results don’t come immediately, especially if the case is severe, as the medication needs some time to spread to the whole skin. However, it is surely very effective over time. A lot of users have expressed their satisfaction; in one case, a user gave a 5/5 rating as Bayer Seresto collars had completely taken care of an extreme flea infestation on his four cats.

There are lots of great advantages that Bayer Seresto offer. First, unlike the gas-emitting flea collars, Bayer Seresto is non-greasy and odorless. Second, it doesn’t expire. It can be used any time needed and will last for eight months once activated. Third, the collar itself is pretty long to accommodate any cat size. It is also very slim and lightweight, so that it won’t be very noticeable or disturbing. Also, it is long-lasting! Eight months of protection is certainly sufficient to treat your cat completely and prevent recurring attacks. Hence, Bayer Seresto is among the best flea treatments for cats currently available on the market!

Specifications of Bayer Seresto Cat Collar
Active Ingredients: imidacloprid 10%, flumethrin 4.5%
Total length: 14 inches

Pros of Bayer Seresto Cat Collar
– Very easy to use, non-greasy, non-messy
– Odorless
– Very effective
– Long-lasting protection

Price of Bayer Seresto Cat Collar
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