Advantage II Vs Frontline Plus for Cats

By | May 18, 2016

Is your cat having flea issues? Fleas, lice, and ticks are certainly very annoying. Not only they disturb the convenience of your cat, but they also can cause further health issues. They can cause your cat to scratch its skin, causing bleeding and infection. If the problem has gone that far, the treatment can be even more tricky and difficult. Therefore, you should not ignore these issues once your cat develops them. You need to act straight to the point. As for the moment, there are two popular medications for fleas, lice, and ticks on cats, Advantage II and Frontline Plus. Which one should you choose?

Advantage II Vs Frontline Plus for Cats

Advantage II
Advantage II is a fast-working, month-long flea control for your pet. It can kill fleas, eggs, and larvae. Eliminating fleas as fast as possible is crucial, because you need to do so before the fleas lay eggs. Doing so is also important to reduce the risk of secondary problems like flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms. One treatment with Advantage II will be able to prevent further flea infestation for at least four weeks or a month. Advantage II has been proven for excellent effectiveness. It can stop biting fleas within 5 minutes, over than 99 percent of flea larvae within 20 minutes, and at least 98 percent of fleas within 12 hours. Complete annihilation of the fleas and chewing lice is achieved in just 1 week. Another good thing about Advantage II is that it can remain effective even after swimming or shampooing.

Frontline Plus
Compared to Advantage II, Frontline Plus is quite considerably more affordable and budget-friendly. It features fipronil and methoprene as its active ingredients. Fipronil kills fleas and ticks, while methoprene attacks the eggs and larvae. It is a fast-acting and long-lasting treatment for your pet, as it is waterproof and each dose can provide continuous protection for up to 30 days. You don’t need to worry about your cat getting wet, as it will not be erased by water when bathing. It is effective for killing fleas, flea eggs, lice, and ticks.

Advantage II Vs Frontline Plus for Cats

Advantage IIFrontline Plus for Cats
Features- Kills adult fleas, eggs and larvae - Remains effective even after swimming or shampooing - One treatment prevents further flea infestation for at least four weeks - Packaging may vary- Flea, flea egg, lice, and tick control for cats and kittens - 6-dose supply provides relief for up to 6 months - For all cats aged 8 weeks and older - Easy 3-step application process

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Advantage II and Frontline Plus both can address the fleas, lice, and ticks issues. However, Advantage II can deliver faster positive results than Frontline Plus. Both can last for a similar duration, and both are waterproof as well. Therefore, Advantage II makes the best choice for your cat!

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